5 Day Reboot Your Body Detox Program

5 Day Reboot your body detox kit

We created this fast-track plan to help you shed some unwanted weight, and reboot your entire body over 5 days. With the right nutrition, exercises and foods we will be able to retrain your hormones to help stop fat storage, cool inflammation in your body, and supercharge your body's natural detoxification systems!

If you are serious about a total body transformation you need to start with a clean slate to get maximum benefits. 

This Kit includes the following;

  • Usana Cellsentials Multivitamin(gets all your essential Vitamins and Minerals)
  • Usana Proflavenol  (Vitamin C and Grape Extract)
  • Usana Biomega (Triple filtered Purified Fish oil EPA/DHA)
  • Usana Vanilla Nutrimeal (Breakfast replacement/ Detox meal)
  • Usana Probiotics (to boost Gut Bacteria)
  • Himalayan Epsom salt infused with witch hazel and lavender (detox and replenish minerals in body)
  • Meal plan with recipes for Lunch and Dinner for the 5 days
  • simple exercises that anyone can do
  • List of foods you are going cold turkey for the next 5 days for detox (preferably longer for life long benefits)
  • Instructional videos on how to best use the 5 day Detox kit