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Reboot Your Body 90 - Chronically Healthy Life Masterclass

It takes about 90 days to adopt a new healthy habit. If you are looking to reboot your body and your health. This is the program for you. The first 30 days will be a gentle cleanse to remove toxins and parasites out of your body while fueling you back with essential nutrients through Organic superfoods and Vegan complete protein.

  • Everything from the Back to Basics 30 program ($1535 value)
  • 16 additional weekly lessons on nourishing your body and mind ($800 value)
  • 4 additional one-on-one consultation sessions with Andy ($400 value)
  • 3 bonus 30-minute consultations on mindset and productivity with Minna ($300 value)
  • 12 weeks of guided exercise videos to jumpstart your health journey ($1200 value)
  • Highly accurate ketone and blood sugar monitor ($100 value)
  • Additional 60 day supply of organic superfood alkaline meal replacement, vegan amino acids, and glyphosate cleanse ($500 value)
  • Total value $4835
  • Yours for only $1997 -almost 60% OFF
  • Access to our private Facebook group for members only