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Who will WIN?

election win Oct 14, 2020

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Who will WIN?

 Alright. At this point in time, at least if you are in the United States, it is all about the presidential election. Even for me and I never watch the news. I know that there's a lot of people out there analyzing the odds and talking about the debate and what not.


Who's going to win? That's the big question right?



Well, I can pretty tell you what the election results are going to look like. Here's what I know. Both candidates are idiots. Neither of them have any charisma, they don't show any leadership qualities. They have no solid plan for the country's future.


All they do is that they say what you want to hear, so that they can get your vote. That's how the game works.


Look. I am not pro any idiot. And I think they are both idiots. They may be high functioning idiots, but still, idiots. So which of these idiots are going to win?


Well, I go to my crystal ball, rub it for hours and eventually...

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