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What Makes us more Vulnerable to Illness- Part 3 Thoughts


 [The Foolish Couple are founders of the Foco Academy, nutrition specialists and success coaches. We focus on teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and applying the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]

Hi everyone – I’m Sandra (and I’m Andy) and welcome to our third installment of our 4-part series of addressing What makes Us More Vulnerable to Illness. 

In the earlier parts of our series, we looked at the importance of food as well as our sleep, and how we can utilize specific practices to not only make us less vulnerable to illness, but to strengthen and heal our bodies so we can live longer and healthier lives. 


Today, we will examine our thoughts – looking at how ‘what we think’ impacts our bodies, and our health.


We’re so happy that you are here today.  Let’s get started!


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