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I swam in cold water for 28 days and this is what happened...

anti-aging health swimming Sep 13, 2018

The Benefits of Prolonged Cold Water dip / Swimming


Are you a fan of swimming in cold water? I wasn’t, but I decided to challenge myself by swimming every morning, for 28 days, in my unheated outdoor pool. I did this to experiment on what happens when our bodies are exposed to cold water. This is what I found.


HI I am Andy from the Foolish Couple. We believe that healthy relationships start with health and our goal is to help people achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercises, mindset and lifestyle. 


I actually wanted to start this challenge last November when I read an article that intrigued me. The article talked about a bunch of seniors in Europe jumping into cold freezing lakes to swim every day. Why did they do it? Well, they claimed that it had healing benefits such as anti aging and more importantly for relieving chronic pains. I have been suffering from chronic pains for a very long time and who doesn’t...

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