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Which type of people are you?

health success wealth May 17, 2019

<Foco's 2-minute Blogs on Success>

We're pleased to be the recipient of the Best of Newark Award in the Nutrition and Success Coach category 4 years in a row. 

To celebrate with our fans, we will be delivering more concise, mini-blogs every weekend that showcases our success blueprint.

To start off, here's a couple of questions for all of you:

Are you the type of person who would trade your Time for Money (in addition to your job, do you scrub your own toilets, wash your own laundry, mow your own lawn, and do other chores that you don't enjoy doing, because you'd rather do it yourself than pay someone to do the chores)?

Or are you the type of person who would trade Money for Time (hire people to cut your grass, wash your car, clean your house, answer customer service calls, etc) because you realize that your time is worth more than what you are paying for their services?

Which type of people do you think are more successful, wealthy, and healthy?

Which type of people...

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Do men Look Sexier as they Age? 7 Tips to Slow Down Aging. Part 4


HI I’m Andrew with the Foolish Couple.

 Do men look sexier as they age?

Well, if you have been following this blog, then you know that men can get sexier as they age, but only if they take care of themselves. I feel sexier now than when I was in my 30’s. I have more energy and stamina, my complexion is clear and every morning, I actually wake up feeling refreshed and alert, without any aches and pains.


I have been sharing tips over the last couple of weeks on how to look and feel sexier as a man. If you’ve missed the older episodes, I have included the links here so that you can go back and watch them later.

 Do men Look Sexier as they Age? Part 1

Do men Look Sexier as they Age? Part 2

Do men Look Sexier as they Age? Part 3

Now, I’m not talking about doing Botox or anything extreme like that. That just doesn’t look natural and potentially can have all sorts of side effects. All I’m asking you to do, is to sleep, drink clean...

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The One Thing You are Missing in Life Part 3


Hello. My name is Minna from the Foolish Couple. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked about why you suck at reaching your own goals. The fact that you get into your own way is the reason why you need a coach. Everyone needs a coach, if you want to succeed. Even coaches need coaches. And the best in the world, no matter what field they are in, they have the best coaches.


Having a coach that can work with you and that you are able to work with, will change your entire life. A good coach will sympathize with you, but will push you to your limit. They will change your perspective on how you perceive your problems and road blocks, and stimulate your creativity to get you out of your box and reach for your goal.


A good coach will support you and mentor you, but they will not baby you. That’s what your mom is for and that’s why never have your own mom as your coach. It won’t work. If you want to manifest your dreams, go get yourself a coach.


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The One Thing You are Missing in Life Part 2

coach goals health success Mar 19, 2019

Hello. My name is Minna from the Foolish Couple. Last week, I talked about New Year’s resolution, and, more specifically, how we suck at meeting our goals. And that the reason behind us failing, is because we are our own worst enemy. And that’s why the one thing that most of us are missing is a coach.


We all have different goals, so we’d all need different coaches. There are coaches out there that is specific to a career, to a sport, to a skill, to your health, and then there are coaches that are more general in nature such as a life coach.

There are coaches that cost probably around $75 an hour and then there are coaches that cost $5 million a year!

 You say, what? 5 million? Who would pay $5 million for a coach? Well, here’s the thing. Let’s say that you own this company, and your sales for the past few years has plateaued to, let’s just say 5 million. And with the help of this coach, you could bring your company’s sales up to...

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The One Thing You are Missing in Life Part 1


 Hello. My name is Minna from the Foolish Couple. We’re now into mid-March and right around 10 weeks into the New Year. So let me ask you this,

Did you set a New Year’s resolution?

If you did, how’s that working out for you? Or,

If you didn’t, why not?


Now, some people never set any New Year’s resolution, and that’s fine. I personally set goals any time during the year so it doesn’t necessary have to be during the New Year.

 But, if your reason for not setting a resolution is because you always get disappointed at yourself, because you never meet your goals, then, maybe it’s time to ask yourself, why? Why do you always fail at getting your new year’s resolutions? Why do you keep disappointing yourself?


But, even if you keep failing at your goals, don’t beat yourself up yet.

Truth is, about 90% of all people suck at their new year’s resolutions.

And it doesn’t matter whether your goal is...

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Are YOU exercising and eating right for your Body Type?


Hi I’m Andrew, nutrition coach and success trainer.

We created the FoCo Academy to teach and mentor people like you to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes.

We are in the full swing of summer, school is out and I am sure everyone is ready to hit the beach and the pool parties.

 You may be scrambling to lose a few pounds so that you can look good in your swimsuits, so you try a new fad diet, some “super food” or some crazy “sweat till you drop” kind of work out program.

 But are you eating or exercising for YOUR particular body type?

I am not talking the apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle or what other terms people came up with to describe different body shapes. I am talking about something more scientific.

Different body types require different training and nutrition. [Tweet this]

You may have tried some exercise program your skinny friend has tried. One that she sweared...

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5 unexpected ways to find more time



I'm Minna and I am a Co-founder of the FOCO Academy and we mentor people like you to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes.

A few years ago, I gave a lunch talk to a non-profit women’s group and the topic was called the 8 ways to infinite productivity. The methods that I talked about during that hour-long talk was really quite profound because of its simplicity and how easy it was to implement. 

So here I’m re-iterating some of the high points of that talk and to give you the highlights of what I’ve talked about. 

The 5 things that I’m going to mention here, if you are not already doing it, once you start implementing these 5 things you will notice a significant improvement in your productivity.

 And while they may sound counter intuitive, they work extremely well. So here’s the 5 ways.


No. 1, and we’ve been talking about it a lot in many of...

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Billboards Hearts and Memories 1


Billboards Hearts and Memories is the Foolish Couple's 2018 New Year's Resolution. A wisdom, a learning, and a memory each week.

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s Foolish Review 2018.

Our resolution this year is to do a constant, weekly review of ourselves, and to share 3 main things with you every week.

1.      Billboard – A ‘wisdom’ that will inspire and motivate you

2.      Lesson – A tidbit we learned that week relating to our HEART framework (Health, Employment, Assets, Relationships, Time)

3.      Memory – A memory of our time together as a couple

To kick start 2018, Here’s Week 1:

1. This week's Billboard quote is from Yoda:

2. HEART lesson - on HEALTH

This week’s lesson came from our Body Transformation program. Developing a new lifestyle habit takes time and patience, but once it become a habit, we will enjoy a lifetime of benefits from good habits. The...

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The "Peter" Principle

The Peter Principle

--The Foolish Couple @Home Blog post, 2016-06-11

A few days ago, during my reading hour, I came across this interesting principle. And if you are in the corporate world, you may find this interesting too.

 It is called ‘The Peter Principle’. And here’s the Wikipedia definition.

 The Definition

 The Peter principle is a concept in management theory formulated by Laurence J. Peter in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and "managers rise to the level of their incompetence."


In my own words, this means that, in a corporate setting, people gets promoted based on their current abilities, until they promoted to a level where they become ‘incompetent’, and then the promotion stops.


I found this...

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