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How to cook healthier Chinese cuisine (4 of 4) - Rice

health nutrition rice Aug 10, 2018

 Hello. Welcome to Foolish Insights. We are the Foolish Couple, Andrew and Minna, nutrition coaches and success mentors. We created FoCo Academy to guide and mentor people like you to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes.

This week we are talking about simple things we can do to tweak the Chinese way of eating and cooking for better optimal health.


Today we are taking on the one ingredient that will ultimately give us Type 2 and type 3 diabetes and that ingredient is White Rice!


White rice is the staple of all Chinese cuisines. We eat white rice with virtually all Chinese dishes and we tend to eat a lot of it. We eat white rice in the form of congee for breakfast, and we eat it for lunch and dinner. And when there’s leftovers, we turn it into fried rice.

Rice is a grain and it naturally does not come in white. So to turn a grain into white rice, there is a lot of...

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