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Do men Look Sexier as they Age? 7 Tips to Slow Down Aging. Part 4


HI I’m Andrew with the Foolish Couple.

 Do men look sexier as they age?

Well, if you have been following this blog, then you know that men can get sexier as they age, but only if they take care of themselves. I feel sexier now than when I was in my 30’s. I have more energy and stamina, my complexion is clear and every morning, I actually wake up feeling refreshed and alert, without any aches and pains.


I have been sharing tips over the last couple of weeks on how to look and feel sexier as a man. If you’ve missed the older episodes, I have included the links here so that you can go back and watch them later.

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Now, I’m not talking about doing Botox or anything extreme like that. That just doesn’t look natural and potentially can have all sorts of side effects. All I’m asking you to do, is to sleep, drink clean...

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