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LOL Series - Vision


Lessons on Love Series - Vision

Do you ever feel like your relationship is not going as strong as you want it to be?

I’m talking about your loving, intimate relationship with your partner.

"As we progress in life we typically see that our careers and finances tend to stabilize but the other parts of our lives may be falling apart."

And these parts of your life are usually your health situation, your loving relationship, and the fact that you are running out of time.


We are the Foolish Couple. I am Minna, and this is my husband Andy. In our blogs we mostly guides you on the 3 things in life that you cannot buy, even if you have an unlimited supply of money. And those 3 things, are health, love, and time.

 We’ve been together for over 3 decades and over the last 30 years, we’ve had our ups and downs. But we have also figured out a lot about what keeps some couples together while others fall apart. So today, we are going to kick start a series on loving...

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Who Do you Live For?


Who Do You Live For?


The last couple of years has been particularly hard on us.

My father passed away due to complications from his Parkinson’s disease, which is something he had been suffering for over 12 years.

Minna’s mother broke her hip and got a hip replacement a couple of years ago. But she never really fully recovered from the surgery. Every time we see her, she seemed to have deteriorated a little more.

My mother has osteoporosis of her knees and her knee pains are getting worse every year.

And what hurt me most this year was when I found out that my older brother, his name is Sam. Sam has been diagnosed with kidney failure and I have made multiple visits back home to support him, take him through his tests and diagnosis and trying to change his lifestyle and habits to reverse some of his symptoms of his diabetes, high blood pressure and lose some weight because all these chronic diseases ultimately led to his kidney problems.

So over the course of just 2...

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Fun with your Brain (3 of 4) You Have 2 Brains ???

brain health relationship Jul 26, 2018

Hello. Welcome to Foolish Insights. We are the Foolish Couple, Andrew and Minna, nutrition coaches and success mentors. We created FoCo Academy to guide and mentor people like you to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes. 

Continuing on with our series on Brain Health,

Today’s topic is about your 2 brains.

We eat with our brains before food even touches our lips.

Because humans evolved at a time when food was scarce, our sense organs and their processors in the brain are exquisitely attuned to the project of finding and consuming food.


What is the process of eating?


First. We see our foods. And we are more susceptible to bright colors like colorful fruits and vegetables. And companies know that, so they also make their packaging on processed foods colorful and attractive.

And then we smell the food. We tend to sniff out our foods before we actually put them...

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Fun with your Brain (2 of 4) Yoga for Bigger Brains

brain health relationship Jul 25, 2018

Hello. Welcome to Foolish Insights. We are the Foolish Couple, Andrew and Minna, nutrition coaches and success mentors. We created FoCo Academy to teach and mentor people like you to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes. 

Continuing on with our Brain series, Today’s topic is Yoga for Bigger Brains.

 How big is your brain?

With scientific breakthroughs in brain science, we now know that humans have the power to increase their brain size. And this can change your life in so many ways, such as increased memory.

 For example, we enjoy doing yoga, and the older we get, the more we feel the need to keep up with yoga. Yoga helps us with our flexibility, it stretches our muscles after a cardio workout or strength training, and it also calms our minds. 



Yoga combines breathing, holding postures and meditation, a trifecta that not only...

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Fun with your Brain (1of 4) Who's smarter? Men or Women?

brain health relationship Jul 24, 2018

Welcome to Foolish Insights! We are the Foolish Couple, Andrew & Minna, nutrition coaches and success mentors. We created FoCo Academy to guide and mentor people like you to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes. 

 For our blog this week, we're going to cover a variety of topics focused on one important part of your body: your Brain.

If you have watched our free training series "Time for Health" then you’d know that the Brain is the first thing that we talked about in our BARS system. If you have not watched it we strongly suggest that you follow the link here and get access to our video series. It is 100% free and it is full of health information and actionable steps that you can take so that you can become healthier.

Now to kick off our Brain series, let’s first talk about the universal debate between the sexes. 

Who’s smarter? Men or women?


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5 ways on How to be a Better Husband and Partner


Hi, This is Andrew from the Foolish Couple. We help couples achieve healthier relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyles.

 Hey, So I get asked this question so many times, I decided to make a video about it. The question is how can I be a better husband? In this video, I will share with you the 5 ways you can be a better husband and partner.

 The other day we went out for dinner with a bunch of friends, and we went to this Chinese restaurant where we would eat family style. And we ordered a whole bunch of food. We started off with an Asian chicken salad, and then roast duck, vegetables and so on. And there’s also freshly steamed prawns and spicy crab.

 Sounds yummy right? Well, both Minna and me love it too. Minna, my wife, is good in a lot of things, but she has no clue how to eat seafood. She is a little OCD so she hates peeling the shell off the prawns and she has absolutely no clue how to eat the crab unless someone takes out the meat...

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Need a New Year's Resolution ideas? How about this?


Foolish Insight, 2018-01-07

We are the Foolish Couple.  As Relationship success coaches and mentors, we give you all the information you need on building your meaningful, fulfilling, happy and joyful life.


If you have been with us for a while you would know that we set a couple’s new year’s resolution every year. Basically, every year, we decide on something that we would do together, as a couple, would enhance our experience as a couple.


2 years ago we decided to watch 52 sunsets together. We felt that everyone is always so “busy busy busy” that we often forget the beauty that is already around us. So we decided on watching sunsets together, just to take a few moments to be unplugged, relaxed, and just take in the beauty of nature.


Last year, we upped the game by setting a goal to cook 12 meals together. Now it may sound like a simple goal. We’re not talking about just our daily meals. We do eat dinner at home 3 to 4 times a...

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Are you 50 Shades?

[The Foolish Couple Blog]

What’s your shade?

Most of our reading materials are more educational or informational. Magazines wise, we read the Success Magazine, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, Women’s Health, Eating Well, amongst others. Books wise, most are on personal development. The Success Principles, Blue Ocean Strategy, How Not to Die, etc.

Even during long commute times, we listen to the likes of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and other podcasts.

If these sound BORING to you. Well, that’s OK.

But, my guilty pleasure? Well, I’ve read all 7 books of Harry Potter, The Twilight series, Hunger Games Trilogy, and, of course, 50 shades of Gray.


Steamy? Yes. Intimate? You Bet.

But I have also picked up a thing or two that has nothing to do with the sexuality.

To quote Christian Gray, in the first book, during his interview by Anna, he was questioned on how he attained his success:

Anna: ‘Maybe you got lucky’

Christian: ‘The Harder I work, the...

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How to be successful this year?


Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster!!!!!!

As with every new year, there are changes that come into our lives.

This year, we have a new leader of the nation. There are a lot of noise about what he may or may not do.

But at the end of the day, no one can change your life. Only you can change your life.

Where you are today has nothing to do with your boss, your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend and least of all a new government. You are where you are because that is where you want to be.

This may not make any sense to you.

You may not be happy with your job, your relationship, your business may be stagnant, your kids don't listen to you.

You are where you are because you are letting others dictate what you have and how you behave. It is time to  stop blaming everyone else and take back control of your life. So here is how to be successful for the new year:

Patience: have patience in everything you do, nothing happens over night, but nothing will happen if you do nothing at...

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