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Benefits of Fermented Dairy


Heart attacks, strokes and cancer, these are all diseases that we never want to have or even want to hear about. Yet more and more people are getting them every day. You certainly don’t want to be one of these people, but you probably know deep down inside, your chances aren’t all that great.


And the reason behind more and more people getting these incurable diseases are all because of one thing. Now I talked about it during my True Cellular Detox webinar, and I’ve explained what the three largest sources of toxins that are causing Cellular Inflammation are and how they may cause many of these major, epidemic diseases that we are so afraid of.


How do you know if you have cellular inflammation? A normal blood test probably isn’t enough to show you the whole picture. But we have a specific test that is 50 times more accurate than a blood test. We talked about this test in our webinar that happened over the weekend but I have another one coming up...

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Watch this webinar to learn how high toxicity in your body causes inflammation and lowers your immunity against viruses, making you sick and Tired. Learn about the three simple tests to measure how toxic your body is.