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Limiting Beliefs


Hi. It is Andrew from the Foolish Couple. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last weekend. For us, we didn’t actually had a turkey over the weekend. Minna and I went to Vancouver to visit our family during Thanksgiving. And since Canadians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving the same day that we do, well, we didn’t have our Thanksgiving dinner.


But we are thankful that our parents are always there for us and we are thankful that in general our family members are living quite well.


But, our Vancouver trips are always a little stressful trip for us. Let me explain.


Lately, we have been really focusing on confirmation bias, and how we can raise our awareness on confirmation bias and probably even to debunk it. Because, like everybody else, we also have our own confirmation bias.


So this week, our topic is about the limiting beliefs on your health situation, and the lies that you tell yourself through confirmation bias.


First of all,...

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