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Boost Your Immunity Series -7 Intermittent Fasting to Reset and Boost your Immunity


 [The Foolish Couple are founders of the Foco Academy, nutrition specialists and success coaches. We focus on teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and applying the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]


Many of you may have had your DNA test done so that you can understand more about your genealogy and your ancestry data. What these tests and data doesn’t tell you, is the lifestyle that your ancestors had, the foods they ate, their activity levels, etc. But here’s what we do know.


Our ancestors, during the hunter gatherer days, they didn’t eat regular meals like we do. They did intermittent fasting and sometimes maybe even extended fasting. Here’s how their typical day went.


Sun comes up. The men gather their weapons and start walking out to hunt for food. The women would stay behind and take care of the family. On a good day, the men were able to...

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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting



Hello. We are the Foolish Couple, and you are watching The Foolish Insights. We create these video blogs to give you a boost to your success, and it may be about your relationship, your career, finances, contributions, or, like today, we’re going to talk about Health.

Specifically, the latest craze on intermittent fasting.

So how is Intermittent Fasting different from Starvation?

Starvation is a global problem, and it is the absence of food, not by choice.

Fasting, on the other hand, is just choosing not to eat the food for a certain amount of time. And it can be for health, spiritual or other reasons.

So by definition, we actually “fast” everyday. The time between your dinner and your breakfast, which is usually about 12 to 14 hours, is your fasting period.

Therefore, “Breakfast” literally means Breaks your Fast. Get it? [tweet this]

So is it really necessary to fast? in our opinion, eating and fasting is all about balance. Over eating is...

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