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Common Mistakes when Doing the Ketogenic Diet


 [We are the Foolish Couple, Andy and Minna, founders of the Foco Academy. We focus on mentoring and teaching the Success Principles and how to apply the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy: Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]  

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and probably one of the most famous landmarks that most visitors want to see is the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is a beautiful bridge and has lots of history. But it is also one of the busiest bridges in the States. So the one thing that you never want to do is to have your car stalled on that bridge, during rush hour traffic.


And that’s exactly what happened to my friend. He’s a young kid, driving his yellow Miata, crossing the bridge at 5pm in the afternoon. Everyone was eager to get home and so was he. So he’s driving along the bridge in the middle lane, when all of a sudden, the car just stopped. The first thing he thought was, ‘Oh shoot, what...

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