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4 ways to optimize your GUT (Part 1) - The Gut-brain connection


The Gut-brain connection

How well do you know your gut? We sometimes talk about having gut feelings, or that our gut is not feeling well. But do you really know where your gut is and what it does? What are the different parts of your gut and how do you keep your gut healthy? 


This week, we are going to pull excerpts from our free downloadable e-book that is available on our website, www.TheFoolishCouple.com.


We are the Foolish Couple, Andy and Minna. We believe that healthy relationships start with health and our goal is to help people achieve true health and healthy relationships by nutrition, exercises, mindset and lifestyle. 


Your gut, which is also known as your gastrointestinal track (GI track), is a magnificent processor with a genetic intelligence that is encoded in every one of your microbes. (Excerpt, Gut Matters, Chapter 1).


Your gut, in addition to promoting normal gastrointestinal functions, also provides protection from infection,...

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