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Success in the New Normal Part 1- Know what you want


 [The Foolish Couple are founders of the Foco Academy, nutrition specialists and success coaches. We focus on teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and applying the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]

For many of us, we've been programmed, since childhood, about what we should and should not do. We've been told repeatedly in our childhood to be sensible and to behave like a good kid. What does that mean? Our parents and our teachers were programming us to behave in the way that they believe is the good way.


It's not that they have bad intentions. Your parents probably had the best intentions for you. I know that my parents had good intentions for me. Telling me to have good grades in school. Getting a 'B' is not good enough. I should've gotten an 'A'. I'm told, repeatedly, that to have a good life, I must get a college degree, even better if I have a master's degree. And that I should...

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Are you in the 20% that most Diets and Exercises do not work for you?


 [We are the Foolish Couple, Andy and Minna, founders of the Foco Academy. We focus on mentoring and teaching the Success Principles and how to apply the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy: Health, Time, and Love Relationship.] 


It is officially the second week of the New Year and decade. What goals have you set for yourself? Are you still on track with those goals? Next to running our own business, The Foco Academy, I also help out at a local YMCA as a wellness coach and personal trainer.


I was fortunate enough to work on January 1st which was New Year’s Day for the short time that it was open that day. I saw so many new faces that I have not seen before in the last few months and it was probably the busiest day that I’ve worked at the Y. After all, it was the first day of the year, and I could see that everyone wanted to jump into their new years resolution to work out to stay healthy. But over the next couple of days,...

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SMART Goals 2020

2020 goals smart success Dec 28, 2019

[We are the Foolish Couple, Andy and Minna, founders of the Foco Academy. We focus on mentoring and teaching the Success Principles and how to apply the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy: Health, Time, and Love Relationship.] 


There are only a few more days left and we’re going not only into a new year, we’re going into a new decade! That’s big! It only happens once every 10 years!


So, how was your last 10 years? Was it just about the same as the previous 10 years? Do you want your next 10 years to be just the same as the last 10 years? If you are, that’s perfectly fine. Many people lead exactly the same life year after year, decade after decade. There’s nothing wrong with that.


But maybe there’s something that you want to improve in your life. Maybe you’ve gained some weight and you can’t seem to get rid of it. Maybe you’ve lost the energy and the drive to excel in your work....

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The One Thing You are Missing in Life Part 2

coach goals health success Mar 19, 2019

Hello. My name is Minna from the Foolish Couple. Last week, I talked about New Year’s resolution, and, more specifically, how we suck at meeting our goals. And that the reason behind us failing, is because we are our own worst enemy. And that’s why the one thing that most of us are missing is a coach.


We all have different goals, so we’d all need different coaches. There are coaches out there that is specific to a career, to a sport, to a skill, to your health, and then there are coaches that are more general in nature such as a life coach.

There are coaches that cost probably around $75 an hour and then there are coaches that cost $5 million a year!

 You say, what? 5 million? Who would pay $5 million for a coach? Well, here’s the thing. Let’s say that you own this company, and your sales for the past few years has plateaued to, let’s just say 5 million. And with the help of this coach, you could bring your company’s sales up to...

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The One Thing You are Missing in Life Part 1


 Hello. My name is Minna from the Foolish Couple. We’re now into mid-March and right around 10 weeks into the New Year. So let me ask you this,

Did you set a New Year’s resolution?

If you did, how’s that working out for you? Or,

If you didn’t, why not?


Now, some people never set any New Year’s resolution, and that’s fine. I personally set goals any time during the year so it doesn’t necessary have to be during the New Year.

 But, if your reason for not setting a resolution is because you always get disappointed at yourself, because you never meet your goals, then, maybe it’s time to ask yourself, why? Why do you always fail at getting your new year’s resolutions? Why do you keep disappointing yourself?


But, even if you keep failing at your goals, don’t beat yourself up yet.

Truth is, about 90% of all people suck at their new year’s resolutions.

And it doesn’t matter whether your goal is...

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Billboards Hearts and Memories 1


Billboards Hearts and Memories is the Foolish Couple's 2018 New Year's Resolution. A wisdom, a learning, and a memory each week.

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s Foolish Review 2018.

Our resolution this year is to do a constant, weekly review of ourselves, and to share 3 main things with you every week.

1.      Billboard – A ‘wisdom’ that will inspire and motivate you

2.      Lesson – A tidbit we learned that week relating to our HEART framework (Health, Employment, Assets, Relationships, Time)

3.      Memory – A memory of our time together as a couple

To kick start 2018, Here’s Week 1:

1. This week's Billboard quote is from Yoda:

2. HEART lesson - on HEALTH

This week’s lesson came from our Body Transformation program. Developing a new lifestyle habit takes time and patience, but once it become a habit, we will enjoy a lifetime of benefits from good habits. The...

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Need a New Year's Resolution ideas? How about this?


Foolish Insight, 2018-01-07

We are the Foolish Couple.  As Relationship success coaches and mentors, we give you all the information you need on building your meaningful, fulfilling, happy and joyful life.


If you have been with us for a while you would know that we set a couple’s new year’s resolution every year. Basically, every year, we decide on something that we would do together, as a couple, would enhance our experience as a couple.


2 years ago we decided to watch 52 sunsets together. We felt that everyone is always so “busy busy busy” that we often forget the beauty that is already around us. So we decided on watching sunsets together, just to take a few moments to be unplugged, relaxed, and just take in the beauty of nature.


Last year, we upped the game by setting a goal to cook 12 meals together. Now it may sound like a simple goal. We’re not talking about just our daily meals. We do eat dinner at home 3 to 4 times a...

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