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What Makes us More Vulnerable to Illness - Part 1 Food


This is Andy, and my colleague Sandra and I want to introduce you to a great collaborative initiative between The Foco Academy and Full Functional Wellness. 

We are both functional nutritional specialists and focus on helping people rebalance and regain their health using the principles of functional medicine to uncover the factors behind people becoming ill. 

Together, we have created a 4-part series that addresses The Factors that Make Us More Vulnerable to Illness.  The theme for this series is particularly important and timely, given the realities of the pandemic.  It’s also particularly valuable as people are taking stock of their health and wondering how they can help themselves and their families to stay well and minimize their risk of becoming ill.


Throughout our discussion today, Sandra and I will be sharing information with you.  As we kick this series off, it’s important to put some context around the whole issue of being...

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