My Personal experience with 5 day Water Fast


Hi, It’s Andrew from the Foolish Couple. 

We createdFoCo Academyto guideandmentor people to achieve true health and healthyrelationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes.


Today I want to talk about my personal experience with my 5 day Water fast.


It is easy coaching others to do something, but unlike some other coaches, we practice what we teach and give you our real life results and experiences!


Last week after we published our water fasting blog series, I had several friends and clients who swore that water fasting over 5 days is impossible and that I will not survive the first day on water only, let alone 5 days.


Some of the concerns that they brought up are:


  • You will not have energy to do anything and would be a couch potato
  • You will pass out
  • You will have indigestion
  • You will lose muscle tone
  • You will have brain fog
  • You will have headaches
  • You will be irritable
  • You will have no bowel movements



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