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Demystifying Fats and the Truth about Sugars (Series) 6 of 6

Feb 19, 2019

Demystifying Fats Series - Day 6


Welcome back to ‘Demystifying fats and the Truth about Sugars’. So far, in our last 5 videos, we’ve talked about the history of how fats are demonized, and what are good fats and bad fats.


We’ve also talked about sugars, carbohydrates, and how they are sneaked into our foods...

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Demystifying Fats and Truth About Sugars (Series) - 1 of 6

Jan 16, 2019

Hello. I am Andrew, This is my wife Minna, and we are the Foolish
Couple. Both of us have suffered through a variety of health issues, me
with my major accident that left me feeling like a 70 year old man, Minna
with her issues with eczema, allergies, and anemia.

Over the last two years, I lost my dad through Parkinson’s, my older brother...

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