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Boosting Your Immunity -4 Over-sanitizing Home may Lower Immunity


[The Foolish Couple are founders of the Foco Academy, nutrition specialists and success coaches. We focus on teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and applying the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]


Never in our lives were we more concerned about our health. And that is, of course, thanks to the COVID-19. The virus is of course highly contagious and fatal but it has also raised our awareness of just how important it is to keep our immunity systems strong.

When it comes to the viruses, our best chance of survival is not about how much money we have, how powerful we are, or how influential we may be. The only thing that matters is our health.

If there’s one good thing that comes out as a result of the COVID-19, I would say it is the increased awareness of how our health affects not only us, but our relationships, our lifestyles, and our economy.


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