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How Food became scientific


What is TACT?



These used to be the 4 standards of good food. That’s how my grandparents taught my parents, and how my parents taught me.
A simple plate of stir fried Chinese broccoli. The vegetables should have a nice green color. It should smell like freshly cut vegetables, have nice taut texture and not overcooked and it should taste, well, like vegetables.

But this is before food became scientific. The TACT standards are no longer enough to validate how good the food really is for you.
Nowadays, All fruits and vegetables are colorful. That’s because colors can be infused into our crops genetically. An apple looks more “red” than they should be and an orange is, well, more orange color.
With the latest scientific ‘break-through’, we can now grow apples that do not oxidize after you cut it. You know how usually after you cut an apple, their flesh turns brown? That is oxidation and it used...

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