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3 Keys to Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times


/*Minna and Andy are the co-founders of Foco Academy, where you can subscribe to online courses that will boost your performance, productivity, health and longevity for both your mind and body.*/


Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times


Do you feel unsure? Are you doubtful of how next year is going to look like for you? Do you wish something good would happen but so far, all the news you've heard are pretty much bad news?


This year, the year of 2020, was pretty unique right? If you live in the United States, we've just had a presidential election where over 10 billion dollars was spent on the campaign, and the fanfare that it created was pretty epic, in a bad way, my opinion.


And then there was the racial uprising that stormed across the country and caused riots and all sorts of dismay.


And then, of course, there was this virus that took over the whole world. Companies that survived through world war and the depression, even those could...

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