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Demystifying Fats and Truth About Sugars (Series) - 1 of 6


Hello. I am Andrew, This is my wife Minna, and we are the Foolish
Couple. Both of us have suffered through a variety of health issues, me
with my major accident that left me feeling like a 70 year old man, Minna
with her issues with eczema, allergies, and anemia.

Over the last two years, I lost my dad through Parkinson’s, my older brother had a few scares with diabetes and his kidney, and seeing my mother-in-law slowly
lose her memory through Alzheimer’s. I feel the pain when my family members are suffering from poor health. And many of you probably do too. Fact is, when you suffer from chronic pains and diseases, the people around you also suffers with you.

We want to help you alleviate some of this pain, so we came up with this
video series because we are fed with so many lies about what’s good for
our health. As children raised in Chinese households, our parents always
taught us what we should and should not eat. What our parents thought
were healthy for us,...

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Demystifying Fats

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

HI I’m Andrew from the Foolish Couple.

We all have a father. Some of you may have a very good, close relationship with your father, but not me. For one reason or another, due to family drama and a lot of other factors, I was never really close to my father. Sure, we lived together, we ate together every day, but emotionally we barely talked. And I didn’t realize what I was missing out on, until 12 years ago.

15 years ago, I had already moved away to the Bay Area, far away from my parents and my brother who lived in Vancouver, Canada. So when I found out that my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I couldn’t believe it. And the fact that he had been hiding his condition from his entire family was just baffling to me. When we finally found out about his condition, his Parkinson’s was already very severe. If we had found out earlier, maybe, just maybe, we could’ve helped him make some lifestyle changes and possibly slowed down or even reversed his...

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Minna's Experience with a 5-Day Water Fast

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2018

***This blog was originally featured in Wellness Universe back in November, 2018. I'm republishing here because typically, at this time of year, after the holidays are over, the guilt sets in, that you would start wondering about your New Year's Resolutions. And most people would start their new year by 'resolving' to lose the weight that they've gained over the holidays.


Because as you will see here, and also from Andy's own fasting experience here, Fasting is one of the best ways to detox, lose excess weight, and gain back the energy and vibrancy.


And you are just in time. Because the 'Fasting Transformation Summit' starts in January 14th and ends January 20th. It is free to join and is filled with experts discussing on the topic of fasting. Just click here and sign up for free.


“You’re going to DIE!” I could hear my mother’s voice in my head when I finally decided to go for it. After all, I was brought up to believe that I needed to eat...

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Are you Normal or Optimal?

average health normal optimal Dec 13, 2018

 Are you Normal?

Growing up, I was a major superhero fan. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman. The list goes on. Yet what is one common theme amongst all superheroes?

Yes. That’s right. They are not ‘Normal’ people.

In fact, I would consider them as ‘Optimal’ beings. Some may argue that Superman and Wonder Woman are optimal because they have super powers. But Batman certainly did not have super powers yet he is still in optimal form and function. I’m referring to the comic version of Batman, of course. Definitely not the Ben Affleck version. 


What is normal? Normal is average. Normal is boring. In today’s times, normal means you are overweight, bordering diabetic, sleep deprived, over stressed and under achieved. 


How does the medical world rank people as normal or not?

First of all. There needs to be a mechanism to measure our metrics and gather the data. I suck at math but I do remember the standard deviation....

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Who Do you Live For?


Who Do You Live For?


The last couple of years has been particularly hard on us.

My father passed away due to complications from his Parkinson’s disease, which is something he had been suffering for over 12 years.

Minna’s mother broke her hip and got a hip replacement a couple of years ago. But she never really fully recovered from the surgery. Every time we see her, she seemed to have deteriorated a little more.

My mother has osteoporosis of her knees and her knee pains are getting worse every year.

And what hurt me most this year was when I found out that my older brother, his name is Sam. Sam has been diagnosed with kidney failure and I have made multiple visits back home to support him, take him through his tests and diagnosis and trying to change his lifestyle and habits to reverse some of his symptoms of his diabetes, high blood pressure and lose some weight because all these chronic diseases ultimately led to his kidney problems.

So over the course of just 2...

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Limiting Beliefs


Hi. It is Andrew from the Foolish Couple. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last weekend. For us, we didn’t actually had a turkey over the weekend. Minna and I went to Vancouver to visit our family during Thanksgiving. And since Canadians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving the same day that we do, well, we didn’t have our Thanksgiving dinner.


But we are thankful that our parents are always there for us and we are thankful that in general our family members are living quite well.


But, our Vancouver trips are always a little stressful trip for us. Let me explain.


Lately, we have been really focusing on confirmation bias, and how we can raise our awareness on confirmation bias and probably even to debunk it. Because, like everybody else, we also have our own confirmation bias.


So this week, our topic is about the limiting beliefs on your health situation, and the lies that you tell yourself through confirmation bias.


First of all,...

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2 Questions you must answer before your holiday eating starts

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2018

Hello. Welcome to the Foolish Couple's blog. If you have been following us for a while, you would know that we created the FoCo Academy to guide and mentor people to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes.


Last weekend, we went to this epic Thanksgiving party with over 20 people. It was a potluck party so everyone brought different dishes to the party. We made a smoked turkey, our super antioxidant salad and our special dry-farmed wines. Others made rib eye steak, grilled vegetables, clam chowder, sautéed mushrooms, egg & potato salad, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, fresh baked breads, fried rice, fresh fruits, cheesecake, tiramisu, passionfruit mousse cake and lots of wine and lots of chips.


The holidays are here. This is the joyous yet dangerous times when things get out of hand. During the year, hopefully by now we have inspired you to at least make some small changes to your...

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Finding a better Wine - Dry Farmed Natural Wines



Hello. Welcome to our blog. I am Andy. And this time, I am running solo without Minna. Minna and I have many things in common. Heck, we even share the same birthday, just so that we won’t ever forget each other’s birthdays. But there is one thing that is vastly different between us. And that, is alcohol.


The way I see it, there are 2 types of people. The type who likes to drink alcohol, and the type who doesn’t. I am a social drinker and I do enjoy drinking amongst a bunch of friends, but Minna rarely drinks. She has, in her DNA, an alcohol flush reaction, meaning that she would turn beet red even after just a few tiny sips of wine. And according to her, alcohol also makes her itchy and uncomfortable. She more or less stays away from drinking altogether.


But I do enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, and there are a lot of debate over whether red wine is good for your health or not. Some of the health benefit claims include:

  • Boost Heart...
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The 3 Pillars to Healthy Aging - Part 3

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018


The 3 Pillars of Healthy Aging - Part 3


Hello. We are the Foolish Couple. We believe that healthy relationships start with health and we help couples achieve total success in health and in relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle. 


We came up with the 3 pillars of healthy aging and we're on our last pillar of healthy aging. 


But first let’s do a quick recap. To us, healthy aging means


  • to slow down our body’s aging process
  • having a sound body and mind
  • free from pain and diseases
  • looking and feeling younger and
  • of course having lots of energy


Pillar #1: Healthy eating habits


We came up with the 3 pillars of healthy aging. The first one is about healthy eating habits. What you eat has a direct impact on how you look and how you feel. Eating foods that are nutritious and clean will do wonders to your body. Eating bad foods, such as processed foods, will not only age you inside...

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The 3 Pillars to Healthy Aging - Part 2

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2018


The 3 Pillars of Healthy Aging - Part 2


Hello. We are the Foolish Couple. We believe that healthy relationships start with health and we help couples achieve total success in health and in relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle. 


We began talking about Healthy Aging and to us, healthy aging means

  • to slow down our body’s aging process
  • having a sound body and mind
  • free from pain and diseases
  • looking and feeling younger and
  • of course having lots of energy


We came up with the 3 pillars of healthy aging. Last time we talked about the first pillar to healthy aging, and that is healthy eating habits. If you’ve missed that episode make sure you go back and watch it after you’re finished with this one. The link to Episode 1 is here.


Move it or Lose it! 


The second pillar to healthy aging is: Move it or Lose it! The problem with the general population is that we eat too much and we move...

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