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What do Successful COUPLES do in the morning?

Uncategorized May 08, 2017

You may have already read it somewhere. The topic of what successful people do in the morning has been on blogs and magazine articles over and over again.

INC Magazine has an article on 14 things successful people do first thing in the morning

Business Insider has an article on Things Successful people do before breakfast

Forbes magazine has an piece on 5 things Super successful people do before 8AM, and then, they did another article on 7 things wildly successful people do before 730am. Sounds like they are repeating some of their materials right. Maybe.


But the topic of what successful people do in the morning seems to be so intriguing to many people, yet they are extremely successful.


Recently Success magazine did a podcast on the same topic. And they said,


Richard Branson starts his morning swimming in the ocean or kite surfing. Sure sounds like him.

Bill Gates spend an hour on the treadmill and, get this, listening to audio courses.

Arianna Huffington had...

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What does Dr Strange has to do with your marriage?

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2017

Here’s a fun question for you. If you can choose to become a superhero of your choice, and you get to choose from any superhero of your choice: superman, wonder woman, anybody you desire. If you can choose to be any one of the superheroes, who would that be?

Why do you choose to be this specific superhero? What is the specific superpower or characteristic that specifically appeal to you?


Last week I talked about what I did while Andrew was out of town, and this week, I’m going to tell you the other thing that I did while he’s not with me.

We like watching movies, but when Andrew is not with me I don’t go out to movies by myself. But I do like to re-watch some good movies. Andy isn’t into watching something that he’s already seen, so watching a movie for the 2nd time is typically something I do by myself.

And this time around, the movie that I chose to watch, is Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

There is one common theme that pretty much made most...

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What do you do when your husband or wife is out of town?

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2017

The Tangram of Love

It’s been a long time since I have an entire weekend to myself, without Andrew here with me. Years ago, when he used to travel for work or for family and I didn’t go with him, I would usually stay home and do some spring cleaning.


After all, Success Principle #28 is to clean up your Messes and Incompletes. So that’s what I decided to do.


This weekend I decided to clean out my closet, give away anything that hasn’t been used for many years and either give them away, recycle them, or somehow get rid of them.


On top of all my clothes these are 2 shelves that has some really old stuff there. I’m talking my wedding shoes from 1999, some drafting pencils that Andrew used when he was in art school, and some other stuff that I haven’t seen in a long time.


And I came across this little pink toy that I didn’t even remember that I have, and it is actually quite an interesting piece.


It is a...

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What do you do when someone is hitting on your husband?

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2017

Foolish Insights, 2017-03-20, by the Foolish Couple



Full Transcript below:
A few days ago, we were shopping at Berkeley Bowl, which is a local grocery store with a great selection of organic fruits and vegetables, and is a favorite of a lot of locals around the area.

While we are inside shopping, I was on to look for tomatoes, and Andrew was in the fruits section looking at avocados. So we are sort of separated but I can see where he is and he’s not far from me. So I went on and picked up a few roma tomatoes, and then I turned around and wanted to see where Andrew is, and that’s when I saw this young, gorgeous, tall, lean woman striking up a conversation with my husband. I can’t tell what they’re talking about, they seemed like they’re having a friendly conversation so I didn’t think much about it. And then I picked up some of those yellow zucchinis and then walked back towards Andrew. And when she saw me she walked away.

And I was...

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How energy imbalance can destroy your relationship

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2017

How energy imbalance can destroy your relationship and the French can help

[Foolish Insights, by the Foolish Couple, 2017-02-28]

*** ***


[The Foolish Couple @www.thefoolishcouple.com
, an online academy teaching couples everything we know about relationships and whole life success]We’ve been married for 18 years, and we’ve been together since we were teenagers; that was almost 30 years ago. So the question we get the most is,

How do you guys stay together for so long?

How do you stay so young?

While the answer is probably as long as a book, here’s a little Foolish Insight that you may be interested in.

When I was 16 my family moved to Canada, which, is a bilingual country. They speak both English and French. So when we settled in, I thought it would be a good idea to take some lessons in French. So I came across this notion that in French, nouns have a gender. Some things are masculine, like the Fish (Le Poisson), and others are feminine, like apples...

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Are you 50 Shades?

[The Foolish Couple Blog]

What’s your shade?

Most of our reading materials are more educational or informational. Magazines wise, we read the Success Magazine, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, Women’s Health, Eating Well, amongst others. Books wise, most are on personal development. The Success Principles, Blue Ocean Strategy, How Not to Die, etc.

Even during long commute times, we listen to the likes of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and other podcasts.

If these sound BORING to you. Well, that’s OK.

But, my guilty pleasure? Well, I’ve read all 7 books of Harry Potter, The Twilight series, Hunger Games Trilogy, and, of course, 50 shades of Gray.


Steamy? Yes. Intimate? You Bet.

But I have also picked up a thing or two that has nothing to do with the sexuality.

To quote Christian Gray, in the first book, during his interview by Anna, he was questioned on how he attained his success:

Anna: ‘Maybe you got lucky’

Christian: ‘The Harder I work, the...

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How to have a Perfect Valentines day

Don't want a boring, expensive, disappointing Valentine's Day? This year, have your Perfect Valentines Day!

Once a year, lovers around the world celebrate their love together, through various gestures, mostly dinner, gifts, travel, or whatever they desire. Whatever is 'Their Thing'. Lovers strive to celebrate their Perfect Valentines Day.

I love Valentine's Day, because it is the day where me and my husband first started dating. That was 29 years ago and I remembered that day clearly as yesterday. That feeling, the connection between us, the 'future' that I saw with him back then. I remember.

Every year we celebrate our Perfect Valentine's day. Like most couples, we chose a nice restaurant for dinner. Eating well is a big thing for us. It is 'Our Thing'. And of course, gifts, cards, kisses and hugs. And other unspeakable things (wink!)

Does it ever get bored? mundane? disappointing? HECK NO!

Every Valentine's day is a Perfect Valentines Day.  Because we decided that it would be...

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How to be successful this year?


Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster!!!!!!

As with every new year, there are changes that come into our lives.

This year, we have a new leader of the nation. There are a lot of noise about what he may or may not do.

But at the end of the day, no one can change your life. Only you can change your life.

Where you are today has nothing to do with your boss, your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend and least of all a new government. You are where you are because that is where you want to be.

This may not make any sense to you.

You may not be happy with your job, your relationship, your business may be stagnant, your kids don't listen to you.

You are where you are because you are letting others dictate what you have and how you behave. It is time to  stop blaming everyone else and take back control of your life. So here is how to be successful for the new year:

Patience: have patience in everything you do, nothing happens over night, but nothing will happen if you do nothing at...

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The "Peter" Principle

The Peter Principle

--The Foolish Couple @Home Blog post, 2016-06-11

A few days ago, during my reading hour, I came across this interesting principle. And if you are in the corporate world, you may find this interesting too.

 It is called ‘The Peter Principle’. And here’s the Wikipedia definition.

 The Definition

 The Peter principle is a concept in management theory formulated by Laurence J. Peter in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and "managers rise to the level of their incompetence."


In my own words, this means that, in a corporate setting, people gets promoted based on their current abilities, until they promoted to a level where they become ‘incompetent’, and then the promotion stops.


I found this...

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What are you wasting Most Off

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2016

What is the 1 thing that successful people has the same amount as unsuccessful people?

Rich people have the same amount as poor people?

Sick people tend to cherish it more.

It can’t be bought. I can’t be traded.

Once it is spent you cannot get it back.

You can’t make more. You can’t have less.
The answer: TIME!

Every one of us has 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds. Time is the GREAT EQUALITY in LIFE. Humans, cats, dogs alike.

I have 24 hours in my day. So do you. So does our neighbors, friends, rich people, poor people, good people, bad people.

What makes us unique?

What makes us unique is how we spend our day. How successful people spend their day is different than how most of us spend ours. If you want to be successful, like I do, then I would suggest that you study how successful people spend their time.

Everyone has a different definition of success. Those that I see as successful may not be the same as yours. I admire Richard Branson, Jack...

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