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5 unexpected ways to find more time



I'm Minna and I am a Co-founder of the FOCO Academy and we mentor people like you to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes.

A few years ago, I gave a lunch talk to a non-profit women’s group and the topic was called the 8 ways to infinite productivity. The methods that I talked about during that hour-long talk was really quite profound because of its simplicity and how easy it was to implement. 

So here I’m re-iterating some of the high points of that talk and to give you the highlights of what I’ve talked about. 

The 5 things that I’m going to mention here, if you are not already doing it, once you start implementing these 5 things you will notice a significant improvement in your productivity.

 And while they may sound counter intuitive, they work extremely well. So here’s the 5 ways.


No. 1, and we’ve been talking about it a lot in many of...

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5 Reasons Why you KEEP Failing to make lasting changes and How to get around it



We are the Foolish Couple, Andrew and Minna.

We are the founders of the Foco Academy, business consultants, health coaches and success mentors. We help people like you achieve success in health and relationships.  

When’s the last time you actually did something good for yourself such as starting a new good habit?

What did you do?

Did you try eating a cleaner, more organic diet?

Did you try doing exercises to lose weight or to just get in better shape?

 Did you try doing something challenging, either mentally or physically?

How did you feel?  

Did you feel good? Were you happy? Satisfied? Fulfilled? Excited? Thrilled? Did you feel alive? Strong? 

What happened after? Do you want to do it again? Did you do it again?

Were you able to adopt that as a new habit? Or did you bounce back to your old, bad habits?


 The truth is, there are many things that we would try once or twice, because we know that it would be good for...

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5 Ways to Happiness



Hey hey We are the Foolish Couple. I am Andrew

And I am Minna.

We are the founders of the Foco Academy, business consultants, health coaches and success mentors. We help people like you to achieve success in health and relationships.

This week we’re actually on vacation, visiting the beautiful Vancouver British Columbia so we’re keeping this one casual.

Recently I’ve got a comment from someone that I worked with, and she actually told me that I am the happiest person she’s ever met. And that got me thinking. Why am I always happy? Why are we happy?

And it actually took us a while to come up with these 5 things that makes us happy, and we believe that these 5 things is the foundation to pretty much everyone’s happiness. And these are actually pretty simple things that anyone can do. So let’s get started with our first thing.

The first thing that makes anyone happy, is, GRATITUDE.

You may have heard this before, you know, Oprah praising the...

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5 ways on How to be a Better Wife


  Hello, I am Minna from the Foolish Couple, founder of the FoCoAcademy, business consultant and transformation coach. 

Last week my husband Andy talked about the 5 ways on how a man can be a better husband. And he’s got a lot of response and comments from, well, a lot of women, wives, and they loved it.  

 So this week, I’m going to flip this around, and talk about the 5 ways to be a better wife. Now I’m not saying I’m the perfect wife. In fact, I’m pretty far from it. But my mistake is a lesson for you. And, well, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. 

 When we first moved from Canada to San Francisco, he had just sold his business and I had just landed my new consulting job here. So he became the househusband while I went to work.  

 And throughout my career, I’ve worked on many different projects for companies of all sizes and a wide variety of industries. One thing that is common, at least...

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5 ways on How to be a Better Husband and Partner


Hi, This is Andrew from the Foolish Couple. We help couples achieve healthier relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyles.

 Hey, So I get asked this question so many times, I decided to make a video about it. The question is how can I be a better husband? In this video, I will share with you the 5 ways you can be a better husband and partner.

 The other day we went out for dinner with a bunch of friends, and we went to this Chinese restaurant where we would eat family style. And we ordered a whole bunch of food. We started off with an Asian chicken salad, and then roast duck, vegetables and so on. And there’s also freshly steamed prawns and spicy crab.

 Sounds yummy right? Well, both Minna and me love it too. Minna, my wife, is good in a lot of things, but she has no clue how to eat seafood. She is a little OCD so she hates peeling the shell off the prawns and she has absolutely no clue how to eat the crab unless someone takes out the meat...

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What color is your health?


Welcome to Insights by the Foolish Couple. My name is Andrew, and I am one of the foolish couple.

 I love driving and I’ve been driving since I was 16 years old. I’ve driven in many different states and countries. Now while some of the local traffic rules may be different, one thing is universal across the board.

Traffic lights.

Almost all of them have Red, yellow, and green lights.

Green means go and red means stop.

What about the yellow light?

Well, generally, you are supposed to slow down and stop before the light turns red.

But, nowadays, I’ve noticed that a lot of people actually run the yellow light, sometimes they run right into a solid red light.

Now I don’t have to tell you how dangerous that is. I’ve known multiple friends and family, myself included that had car accidents because of people running red lights.

But did you know that the different color traffic lights can apply to your health too?

Are you on a GREEN light? Or are you...

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How Food became scientific


What is TACT?



These used to be the 4 standards of good food. That’s how my grandparents taught my parents, and how my parents taught me.
A simple plate of stir fried Chinese broccoli. The vegetables should have a nice green color. It should smell like freshly cut vegetables, have nice taut texture and not overcooked and it should taste, well, like vegetables.

But this is before food became scientific. The TACT standards are no longer enough to validate how good the food really is for you.
Nowadays, All fruits and vegetables are colorful. That’s because colors can be infused into our crops genetically. An apple looks more “red” than they should be and an orange is, well, more orange color.
With the latest scientific ‘break-through’, we can now grow apples that do not oxidize after you cut it. You know how usually after you cut an apple, their flesh turns brown? That is oxidation and it used...

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The Power of Attraction

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2018

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s weekly Review. Our work focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and couple’s wellbeing.

Recently we’d heard quite a few of our friends talk about the power of attraction, sometimes called the law of attraction. It seems to be a popular subject this time of year, probably because we’re in the first part of the year where people are trying to manifest their new year’s resolutions.
As Relationship transformation Coaches, we’ll talk about how to use the power of attraction, and more importantly, teach you the vital last step in the process that most of you are missing.
So what exactly is the power of attraction?
Well, if you Google the phrase ‘power of attraction’, it is more commonly known as the law of attraction. And there are a lot of theories of how to use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams, to make your dreams come true.
We tend to think of this a little...

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How do OLYMPIANS fuel their bodies?

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2018

Foolish Review 2018 – Week 9 – How do OLYMPIANS fuel their bodies?

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s Sunday Review. Our work focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and couple’s wellbeing.

It felt like the whole world was watching the 2018 Winter Olympics. Once every 4 years, athletes trained non-stop just to be able to take a stab at getting GOLD. Being an Olympian is a lifetime achievement for any dedicated athlete.

Winter Olympics has a special place in my heart. I’m not a Winter sports person, I don’t ski, snowboard, ice skate, or do anything remotely close to ice or snow. However, we have personally met a few of the Olympic medalists, and they felt like friends to us.

There were a reported 2925 athletes that went to South Korea to compete at the Winter Olympics.

Olympic athletes have surprisingly high levels of commitment and dedication to their sports. They also take amazing care of their bodies. After all, their vehicle to success is their...

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10 Signs you are a work addict

Are you addicted to work?

Addiction is generally a bad word. Most commonly used in relation to illegal substances, alcohol and gambling. It involves a compulsive need to something of substance. A gambler cannot walk away from a gambling table, until he is either being asked to leave or lost all his money. A drug addict must rely on the use of illegal substance to sustain his addiction. An alcoholic must have alcohol in their hands. They may hide it in a flask, but they cannot hide their addiction. Cigarette smokers are addicted to smoking. Addicts show physical signs of misery when they are not satisfied with an illegal substance and they often turn to other forms of addiction.  For instance most smokers are also alcoholics.

But there are other forms of addiction also. Some people are addicted to adrenaline. They will do anything to get that ‘adrenaline rush’, such as cliff diving, bungie jumping, or walking across 2 buildings on a tight rope. We call them...

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