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What do Successful COUPLES do in the morning?

Uncategorized May 08, 2017

You may have already read it somewhere. The topic of what successful people do in the morning has been on blogs and magazine articles over and over again.

INC Magazine has an article on 14 things successful people do first thing in the morning

Business Insider has an article on Things Successful people do before breakfast

Forbes magazine has an piece on 5 things Super successful people do before 8AM, and then, they did another article on 7 things wildly successful people do before 730am. Sounds like they are repeating some of their materials right. Maybe.


But the topic of what successful people do in the morning seems to be so intriguing to many people, yet they are extremely successful.


Recently Success magazine did a podcast on the same topic. And they said,


Richard Branson starts his morning swimming in the ocean or kite surfing. Sure sounds like him.

Bill Gates spend an hour on the treadmill and, get this, listening to audio courses.

Arianna Huffington had an episode where she was so fatique that she passed out in public. So for her, the first thing she does in the morning, is Meditation.


And then, I changed my search and looked for what successful couples do in the morning, and I found nothing.


There are articles on what the happiest couples do in the morning, and quite honestly these articles are kind’f silly. I thought we were foolish but man, some of the things the listed are like: Making eye contact, huddle. Stuff that I didn’t think even needed to be mentioned.

So, here’s what we do in the morning. We do take a lot of advice from those articles about what successful people do, and we do it together. And, I gotta say, I won’t say we are successful people, but we are definitely a successful couple.

So of the things that we do in the morning of course you can also do if you are by yourself. But it’s just more fun when you’re doing it together.


#1: We wake up at the same time. And we wake up early. And it took some effort for us to adjust. We used to be night owls. Stayed up way past midnight, and found ourselves unable to get out of bed in the morning. Our cats would have to bite our toes and drag our hair just to get us out of bed to feed them.


Nowadays, we wake up at 5am, 6am on weekends. Once we’re up, we would cut up a fresh lemon, squeeze the juice, and mix it with 8 oz of warm water. Drink that first.


Drinking a glass of warm lemon water in the morning does wonderful things to your digestive system, takes away any bad breathe that you may have, and that sour taste instantly wakes you up.


#2: We go out for a mile-long walk together. And we started this habit because we want to take in some fresh air, share our thoughts for what we would do that day, and pretty much just spend some quality time together while getting our morning exercise in. And those who knows us personally knows that we love cats. Sometimes you’d see Patches or Azuki or Elsa in our video because they just happened to be roaming around the house.


But there are also lots of cats outside during the early morning hours, before the sun comes up and before the people started to come out. So we started feeding the cats along our walk. And we do that because we love cats, but it also gives us a feeling of giving back, maybe not to the people in our community but at least to the cats in our community. It also makes us more thankful that we are financially capable to feed about 45 cats along the route. It’s not a lot of money, but it does add up. And the cats also show their gratitude to us. Some walk along with us, other would meow, rub our legs, play with us, and maybe come out to greet us.

Feeding our community cats is a wonderful feeling to have, to feel thankful and appreciated and we feel is the best way to start the day. [Tweet This]

And then we go home and we would fix breakfast together, make ourselves 2 cups of lattes and just sit back and enjoy the moment before we work on our top priorities for that day.


So there it is. That’s our ‘successful couple’s morning routine’


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