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When Should You Start to Worry About Longevity?


Hi its Andrew from the Foolish Couple.

 I get asked all the time, what is the best age to start worrying about my longevity.

Longevity refers to your physical health, mental health, energy, vibrancy and freedom of mobility.

 This week we are sharing our 1-week liver cleanse for Clearer skin, leaner body and no cravings to friends and family. But the cleanse is so much more.

It’s the first step towards longevity and preventing Chronic illnesses.

 Chronic illnesses are no longer an old person disease. It used to be that you don’t get Chronic conditions such as depression, psychotic conditions, hyperactivity, hypertension, high cholesterol, Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis and type II diabetes until you are older like 60 years and older.


However, that is no longer the case, millennials born between early 80’s to mid 90’s are besieged by chronic illness, with 54% of the generation's respondents reporting that they've been diagnosed with at least one chronic illness.

 Health insurance data from 2017 show that many of them, especially older millennials in their mid-30s, are facing unprecedented levels of mental and physical illness.

For eight of 10 health conditions, millennials are experiencing double-digit increases in prevalence compared to what the previous generation, Gen Xers, experienced at the same ages. This is very troubling and you have to ask, what has changed to cause such a drastic decline in health?


THE FOOD, but more specifically all the chemicals and toxins that are in the foods we eat today.


As a Gen Xer myself, I was not really exposed to all these toxins till my late teens. A lot of my Gen Xer friends are now experiencing chronic conditions in their early to late 40’s.

 But for the millennial generation, they were exposed to it as soon as they been born. That’s why they are experiencing such an outbreak of chronic conditions so early in life.

 Chronic conditions take decades to develop. Which leads us to ask... what will become of our children's children?


Check out the link here to read more about this latest research. 


So, my answer to what age you should start worrying about your longevity?

 The answer is now, at whatever age you’re at. It's never too late to start thinking about your longevity.

 If you are interested in joining us during the next 2 weeks for our Liver cleanse, you can sign up here .


Until next time, Love what you Live, and Live what you Love.

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