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The One Thing You are Missing in Life Part 1


 Hello. My name is Minna from the Foolish Couple. We’re now into mid-March and right around 10 weeks into the New Year. So let me ask you this,

Did you set a New Year’s resolution?

If you did, how’s that working out for you? Or,

If you didn’t, why not?


Now, some people never set any New Year’s resolution, and that’s fine. I personally set goals any time during the year so it doesn’t necessary have to be during the New Year.

 But, if your reason for not setting a resolution is because you always get disappointed at yourself, because you never meet your goals, then, maybe it’s time to ask yourself, why? Why do you always fail at getting your new year’s resolutions? Why do you keep disappointing yourself?


But, even if you keep failing at your goals, don’t beat yourself up yet.

Truth is, about 90% of all people suck at their new year’s resolutions.

And it doesn’t matter whether your goal is about your health, your finances, your relationships, or whatever. Human nature is generally reluctant to change, and when you make a new year’s resolution, you are asking yourself to change.


But deep down, you don’t really want to go to the gym. That’s why the parking lots at 24 hour fitness is empty again. You really just want to sit on the couch and watch TV, rather than sweating your butt off at the gym. You really don’t want to give up drinking, because you really like how drinking makes you feel. You really don’t want to give up smoking, because, well, that’s an addiction. Or maybe you really don’t need to lose that 10 pounds because, well, you think you feel OK with those pounds on your body.


My point is, don’t feel too bad because you have failed yourself, year after year. Because what you are missing, really, is just this one thing.

 There is one thing that sets apart the winners and the losers, the people who succeed, and the people who fail. The people who gets to see their dreams come true, and the people who can only read about those successful people in magazines while lying on their couch doing nothing.


So now, knowing that there is only 1 thing that you are missing between the version of you now, and a better version of you. What would you think? Are you more willing to try making a new goal and stick to it? Are you going to actually make the change?

 Change is hard. I know. I have been a corporate consultant for almost 20 years now and if there is one thing that keeps companies failing their initiatives and their goals, it is change. Change management is probably the hardest thing, and the most costly component to a growing company. And there are many companies, especially dot coms that are not able to make the change and transition into a successful company, therefore they close down. They fail. Think about MySpace, and if you are old like me, Excite! These were great companies for a while, but they weren’t able to change, they weren’t able to meet the changing market needs.


Alright, let’s get back to you. Why can’t you just do what you said you would achieve? Why is it so hard? Why do you keep failing year after year?

What is that ONE THING that is keeping you from making the leap?


The answer is easy. Go grab a mirror, and take a good look into it. Yeah. That’s right.

It’s you. You are your own worst enemy.

You fail because you didn’t want to change your habits. You stop yourself from getting better at life because you are too complacent, too comfortable with what you have now. You refuse to take risks because, well, you don’t want to risk losing what you have now.


There’s a TV commercial lately, where their motto is ‘Just OK is NOT OK’.

That’s what you should really keep in mind. Your life is probably OK, not great, but OK. And you have to constantly tell yourself that, you may be OK now, but if you don’t keep growing, if you don’t change your ways, eventually, you become NOT OK.


You think that drinking is OK now, because you don’t feel any effects on your health. But give it another year, or 2, eventually your bad habits catch up to you. Eventually you’ll get sick, because you drink too much, you smoke too much, eat too much sugars and carbs and processed foods. Eventually your wife leaves you because you pay more attention to the TV then to her. Eventually you go into so much debt that you can’t get yourself out of the hole.


We’re all humans, so I understand how difficult it is to change. We all love instant gratification. As a young kid, putting that piece of candy into my mouth mademe smile, made me happy. That’s instant gratification. Of course I didn’t think about my tooth slowly decaying and I ended up having to put fillings in my teeth. That’s long term. But at that moment I put that candy into my mouth, I experience that instant jolt of temporary satisfaction, which I thought made me happy. It’s the same with alcohol, cigarettes, vaping, eating, or any kind of addition.

 If you don’t learn to control your instant gratifications, if you don’t tackle your weaknesses, you will never succeed. Your life will never change. Your health will not get any better, you will not make any more money, and you will not have a good relationship with your wife.


Eventually, when life catches up to you, you will be sick, broke, and lonely.


I don’t say all this because I am mean to you. I say this as advice to you. And I say this out of personal experience. I have been sick and broke and our relationship hasn’t always been good. And if we had not decided to change, if we had not made new goals that would get us out of the hole and get our health back, we would never be here talking to you.


But even if you have all the good intentions and you’re all fired up and ready to go, here’s what you would still need.


It is in our experience, and also the experience of every Olympic Gold athlete, every world cup winner, every successful CEO, every successful actor and actresses, every successful musician, and, well, you get the point. No matter what it is that you want to achieve, if you want to be successful at it, you need this.

 Why some athletes win the Olympics while others kept failing? Why some sports teams keep winning the Super Bowl while others never get to touch it? Why do some CEO’s get the money and the respect while others keep getting fired? Why do some actors and actresses score at the box office while others never make it?

 What drives these executives, these athletes, these actors and actresses to success?

 Thing is, no matter how hard you try, how persistent you are, how much willpower you have, you are missing this one key ingredient.


And that one key ingredient that’s keeping you from all kinds of success, is a coach.

A good coach. A coach that can work with you to achieve your ultimate life goals.


You see, executives have executive coaches, singers have voice coaches, professional athletes have nutrition coaches and person trainers. Sports teams have the greatest coaches they can find. The best actors have acting coaches. The best authors have writing coaches.


There are all kinds of coaches because everybody needs help. Every profession, every person, no matter what your goal is, needs a coach.


But how, you may ask? How would a coach help me?


For that, I’ll going to keep the suspense until next week. But for now, take some time to yourself, really look into the mirror and talk to yourself. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have, to do, to achieve?


Till Next time Love what you live and Live what you Love.

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