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Super Aminos to Boost Physical Performance and Stop Age Related Muscle Lose

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Hi ItsAndy from the Foco Academy,


Todays topic is fasting workouts. I want to talk about intermittent fasting and working out. I had a previous episode I talked to Paige Davidson, an integrative nutrition coach and intermittent fasting expert on the topic, so in this video Im going to expand on that and do a deep dive on how to combine intermittent fasting with your workout.


You may know me as a functional nutrition coach, but Iam also a certified personal trainer also. I feel like the combination of both nutrition and exercising is what we all need to be healthy. Doing just one and not the other will not get your the results that you want. You may be wondering why youre working out a lot and you are not getting the muscle mass that you are aiming for. Or you may be eating really healthy but your energy level is still low. My goal is to show you how to combine your food intake with your workout to get to optimal health and energy.


Most personal trainers would tell you that you have to eat something before you train, and to eat again after your training to prevent muscle loss and help muscle growth.


But I’m here to tell you to forget about that. If you are trying and not seeing results, then you need to do something different. 


Unless you have been doing a strict intermittent fasting protocol for a while, I bet your blood sugar levels are probably swinging up and down, hour by hour throughout the day like a roller coaster ride. And when your blood sugar levels keeps elevating and fluctuating, more than likely your body is not burning the right fuel.


If you typically eat like normal people, 3 meals a day, snacks in between, chances are that your body is burning sugar as fuel for your energy. If you want your body to burn body fat, then you have to train your body to switch from burning sugar to burning fat as fuel for your energy. And to do that, you need to do intermittent fasting. 


For your body to burn fat as fuel, you need to train your body to be metabolically efficient, our blood glucose or sugar levels are low and optimal, and your body will be able to burn ketones or your own fat for energy. 


So the solution, simply, is to not eat before and after your workout. Thats all it means by a fasted workout. Paige Davidson has talked about intermittent fasting. So what you want is to workout during your fasting window.


And really, to make your workout effective, it’s not food that you need. It’s what’s in the food that is important. You may know that you need protein to fuel your workouts. But let’s get a little deeper. It’s not protein that you need, it’s the amino acids in the protein that your body needs. The amino acids helps our bodies with cellular repair, maintain and grow lean muscle mass, speed up recovery and even improve mental performance. 


And there are 8 types of amino acids that your body needs. If you are not eating meats such as, chicken, fish and red meats, you may not be getting all your essential amino acids. When you are eating vegetarian sources of protein like lentils, peas or soy, you are only getting a few of the 8 essential aminos that your body needs.  Even most protein powders wont give you the whole range. And normally you will be eating a lot of calories to get the full range of amino acids.

If you want all 8 types of amino acids? Rather than eating a lot of different types of proteins, I have a simple solution and it is the best option that I have found.


Some ingenious company actually make a product called Super Aminos. They are vegetarian based, contains all 8 essential amino acids. Just taking 5 of these super aminos is equivalent to eating 6 oz of protein, and less than 1/2 a calorie. 


I say the super aminos are ingenious because not only do they contain the whole spectrum of amino acids, they are also pre-digested. And that means your body dont have to work hard to digest it. It has a 99% absorption rate. It will get into your body within 23 minutes. If you eat chicken or beef or beans, the most you can absorb is 30 to 40% and the rest is metabolic waste, plus your body needs to work for 3 to 5 hours to digest the foods. 


These little capsules, pre-digested, 1/2 calorie, and 8 essential amino acids with a 99% absorption rate. You do the math.


So this is what I do. All my trainings are within my fasting window. The only thing I take are these super aminos before my workout. When I start taking these, I notice that my muscle mass has gone up, my energy level has gone up and my recovery time is faster. Which is exactly what I am aiming for.


My muscle mass is now better at 52 then when I was in my 40’s. That is saying a lot because starting around 30, everyone experiences sarcopenia or age-related muscles loss.

For a typical person, that will be around 1-2% of muscle loss a year and it speeds up to about 3% of muscle loss after 60. So most people will be losing at least 4-6 pounds of muscle a decade!

The biggest problem is most people are not experiencing much weight lost meaning that their muscles are being replaced by fat! More importantly it’s your fast twitch fibers in your muscles which provide burst of power that are lost at a greater rate then your slow twitch fibers, which explains why most people not only grow weaker with age but also slower!


If you want better results with your workouts or more importantly if you want to slow down the loss of muscle and even improve muscle growth if you are over 30, this is what I recommend to all my clients. If you are over 60 and not eating much protein in your diet, this is a must.


Click on the link provided to get your super aminos now to supercharge your workouts while maintaining the health benefits of intermittent fasting! With the rising cost of groceries and especially meats, its getting expensive eating quality proteins.  5 capsules which is equivalent to a 6 oz serving of steak is just $2.50! Lets see you get a nice piece of steak for that price! And as a bonus for your first order, you get $50 off! So a serving is just 85¢ a serving. There is no better value to maintain and boost you lean muscles, improve cell repairs and fast track your recovery. Click the link below to get your super aminos now!


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