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Success in the New Normal Part 4- Face your Fear and Take Action Anyways


 [The Foolish Couple are founders of the Foco Academy, nutrition specialists and success coaches. We focus on teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and applying the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]


The other day, we were watching Cobra Kai on TV and there was this scene. In the dojo, the sensei is giving a speech to a bunch of new students. So he lined up the students, and he walked up to one of the newbies, and put up his fist right in front of he newbie's face. The newbie flinched. And then he walked up to another newbie and did the same thing. Again. The newbie flinched.


The sensei then turned around, and said to the class: 

You flinched because you are afraid. You have never taken a punch to the face and you want to turn around and run. By the end of the day, all of you have to take a punch in the face or don't come back tomorrow.'


So the new students all took a punch in their face, and they return the next day a stronger person.


One of Jack Canfield's Success Principles is to Face your Fear and Take Action Anyway.

But how? You might ask.


How are you supposed to face your fear when your natural, human instinct is to run? Our natural instinct is to fight or flight. But when do we fight? And when do we flight?


If we see a lion charging towards us aren't we supposed to run? If we see a fire aren't we supposed to turn around and leave?


Heroes rise on adversity. And we are, right now, in a historical moment when everybody is in constant fear. And day after day, the media pour even more fear over our heads.


So how are you supposed to face your fear and take action anyway? If you see a lion charging towards you aren't you supposed to run?


When I was about 5 years old, my sisters, who were much older than me, they took me to a swimming pool and they just pushed me into the water. Naturally, I scream and cried and I panicked and I started flapping my arms. So then, they came into the water, and give me these 2 inflatable wings that goes around my arms. And they showed me how to move my arms, how to flap my legs so that I can swim.


When you are faced with a fear, you need a guide, a teacher, a sensei, a coach to show you how to flap your arms, to equip you with what you need so that you can face your fear. When you have the knowledge and the right equipment, you can face your fear and maybe even enjoy it. You can swim in the pool, and in the ocean.


Most people will run from a lion. But a hero, with the right equipment, maybe a sword or a light saber, will face the fear and fight the lion, the Darth Vader, or whatever this big imminent fear is.


Right now, our biggest fear is a virus that we cannot see, hear, or feel. It's just looming over our heads and most of us are running away from it by social distancing and wearing masks and constantly cleaning everything that we've touched.


That's your flight response. And it is perfectly logical because you are, after all, a human being and it is your natural instinct to fight or flight. But instead of flight, maybe you can fight.


You can fight the virus if you are prepared, if you have the knowledge and you know how to defend yourself. If you know how to block a fist then you won't have to take a punch in the face.


And to do that, you need a guide, a teacher, a sensei, or a coach.


Somebody who will give you the inflatable wings and show you how to flap your arms and legs. A coach will give you the knowledge and the skills so that you can defend yourself. In this case, show you how to train your body to defend against any viruses.


Because, threat always comes. Once you fight off this one bad guy, the next one comes along. You may be able to outrun this virus, but what about the next one? Eventually, you will have to face your fear and take action anyway. So why not now? Why wait when you can start defending yourself now?


You can become the hero of your story if you know how. And we are here to guide you through how to thrive and succeed in the new normal.

And for you? Your first action is to find a guide. Someone who will show you how to defend yourself against not just the COVID-19 but other health threats.


Until next time, love what you live, and live what you love. 


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