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Success in the New Normal Part 2- Take 100% Responsibility for your Health


 [The Foolish Couple are founders of the Foco Academy, nutrition specialists and success coaches. We focus on teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and applying the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]


Since COVID hit us in March, for many of us, our lives are in turmoil. The way we do our jobs have changed and many of us have to relearn how to do our jobs!


Our family lives have changed. You love your kids, but you don't really want them around you 24/7. That probably applies to your spouse too. You may love them to death, but it's a different story when they are around you all day long.


We have been living in fear the past half a year. The media has led us to be very afraid of catching the Coronavirus. Which is why we are mostly staying at home, wearing a mask when we go out. We are no longer connected to our friends.


When is the last time you had a good laugh amongst friends? I mean, you may have virtual coffee breaks with your friends, I do too. But it doesn't feel the same. Don't you miss that feeling? The feeling that you are connected to people that you like? The feeling that life is good?


When was the last time that you feel that your life is good?


We get it. Your story, your situation, although it sucks, it's not unique. Millions of people are experiencing difficulties handling the change in their job, their family dynamics, their finances, and all this stress is taking a toll in their health.


You may have heard of a new term called 'COVID weight'. Many people have gained weight over the last 6 months. Many adults are now experiencing more headaches, more joint pains, poor sleep quality. Many are feeling depressed, angry, fearful, and sorrowful.


In other words, most of the population are in a slump. And your body is deteriorating quicker than it should be. And there's nothing you could do about it. 

Or is there?

 Jack Canfield, in his Success Principles, he called his No 1 success principle is that you must take 100% responsibility of your life. And there is a formula for it.


E + R = O


Event, plus your response, equals Outcome


So for example, if your event is that you broke one of your tooth. If you response is that you hate the dentist, you'll never go to see a dentist. Then what's the outcome? Not only have you lost a tooth, but the other teeth are going to start to shift and eventually you'll have all sorts of gum and teeth problems.


So, for most of us, we know that if we want to change the outcome, if we want to keep our oral health, then the smart thing to do is to go to see a dentist and get that tooth taken care of.


It's a simple idea.


How do we apply the same principle to COVID?

 The fact is, catching the COVID is like catching any other virus, like the flu. You were just unlucky. However, the fact is that while catching the virus may be random and that you just have bad luck, how your body reacts to it is not random.


And if we look at the formula E + R = O.


The event, is that you caught the virus. The reaction is how your body reacts to it. The outcome, as we now know, ranges from nothing, meaning some people never even knew that they've had the virus, to many people dying from it.

 So if you don't want to die from the virus, then the only thing you can do is to change how your body reacts to the virus.


 And this is not random. We now know that 94% of people who were killed by COVID had 2-3 pre-existing conditions. The most common ones are obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions. These are lifestyle diseases. Talk to any functional medical specialists and they can tell you that your genetics does not define your health.


And that is good news because, if you want to survive and thrive in the New Normal, all you need to do is to get healthy. And that is something that you can do. Our lifestyles have already changed. Most of us no longer have to commute. We have more time to cook nutritious meals. We can exercise at home so no one needs to see how you look in tights or how you do your push ups.

So E + R = O. To apply this formula to the new normal, the R actually means that you need to be proactive about boosting your immune system and really getting yourself to be healthy.

Start by measuring your metrics to see what your current health condition is and where you can improve.  There are many metrics that you can track yourself on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to track your health if it is improving or getting worse. Better yet, there are so many markers that will determine if you are on the way of developing pre-existing conditions or already have them! If you don't start at the starting line in the race for life, you may never reach the Finish line. These are not markers that you can depend your doctor to track for you, it is your responsibility to track your health. Doctors are reactive and not pro-active, by the time they find a problem, you already have a pre-existing condition. And remember if you have 2-3 pre-existing conditions, the chances of getting really sick and dying from any Virus is very real. So take 100% responsibility for your health!


Our lives have already changed. You just need to figure out how to change your life for the better and in this time and age, "Health is the New Normal".


Until next time, love what you live, and live what you love. 


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