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Do men Look Sexier as they Age? 7 Tips to Slow Down Aging. Part 4


HI I’m Andrew with the Foolish Couple.

 Do men look sexier as they age?

Well, if you have been following this blog, then you know that men can get sexier as they age, but only if they take care of themselves. I feel sexier now than when I was in my 30’s. I have more energy and stamina, my complexion is clear and every morning, I actually wake up feeling refreshed and alert, without any aches and pains.


I have been sharing tips over the last couple of weeks on how to look and feel sexier as a man. If you’ve missed the older episodes, I have included the links here so that you can go back and watch them later.

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Now, I’m not talking about doing Botox or anything extreme like that. That just doesn’t look natural and potentially can have all sorts of side effects. All I’m asking you to do, is to sleep, drink clean water and eat clean, organic foods. You can do that right? And is it unreasonable to spend 5 minutes at night to properly clean your face, protect and moisturize your skin? I don’t think so.


So, you see, looking younger doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. Keep your lifestyle clean, simple, and well rested. That’s all it takes to be younger and sexier.


And for one last tip. If you live in America, like me, in general, most people are overfed and undernourished. I mean we are eating way too much food but we are not putting enough nutrition into our bodies. And instead of putting good nutrition into our bodies, we put all sorts of toxins, pesticides, preservatives and artificial flavors into our bodies. And our bodies don’t know how to get rid of this stuff, so it is kept inside our fats.


Look, if you keep a lot of garbage inside your house. Eventually it is going to rot and stink. But it is easy to rid garbage in your home, all you do is wrap the garbage bag and throw it out. However, it is not so easy to get rid of the garbage inside your body, you can’t just throw it out. The right way to get rid of toxins is to fast.


And, before you throw up your arms and say I can’t do it! Yes, you can. All throughout mankind, not everyone eats 3 steady meals a day. If you are eating two meals, you are fasting already. And fasting is practiced by many religions also. Some fast for a day and some for a week. And I don’t see anyone dying because of that.


Fasting will clean and rebuild your body. Minna and I started Intermittent Fasting last year and we love it. Not everyone can just jump in and do it, it’s not something that you can just do with sheer willpower. It’s a protocol that needs be coached to guide and prepare your body properly on how to detox, clean and rebuild your body.


Intermittent fasting of at least 12-16 hours can have immense benefits to help you to properly digest the foods that you ate and promote autophagy.


Autophagy comes from the Greek words “auto” (meaning self) and “phagy” (meaning eating)”. Therefore, autophagy is the consumption of your body’s own tissues which occurs only during starvation. Autophagy helps you clear damaged cells that are inside the body. 

It’s like little Pacman that eats up old cell parts that are no longer needed by the body that can trigger inflammatory pathways and could contribute to chronic diseases in the future. 


But to really reap the benefits of fasting, you will need to do an extended fast of 36-48 hours. Not only do you have autophagy in full swing but you will also stimulate new stem cells growth. You may have heard of stem cell therapy, where stem cells of younger people are injected into your body to regenerate your cells to keep you looking young. Some companies may be promoting this as their fountain of youth, it is big money and quite controversial.

But did you know that when you do a water fast for more than 48hrs, your body starts to make its own stem cells?

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the intermittent fast and how to do an extended fast, let us know. We have a program that can guide you through the process.


So, I leave you with one last thought, how confident again were you with how you look and feel? Do you feel like your age and pretty confident how you look, or do you think you can make some improvements to how you look and feel?


Until next time, Love what you Live, and Live what you Love.

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