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How to have a Perfect Valentines day

Don't want a boring, expensive, disappointing Valentine's Day? This year, have your Perfect Valentines Day!

Once a year, lovers around the world celebrate their love together, through various gestures, mostly dinner, gifts, travel, or whatever they desire. Whatever is 'Their Thing'. Lovers strive to celebrate their Perfect Valentines Day.

I love Valentine's Day, because it is the day where me and my husband first started dating. That was 29 years ago and I remembered that day clearly as yesterday. That feeling, the connection between us, the 'future' that I saw with him back then. I remember.

Every year we celebrate our Perfect Valentine's day. Like most couples, we chose a nice restaurant for dinner. Eating well is a big thing for us. It is 'Our Thing'. And of course, gifts, cards, kisses and hugs. And other unspeakable things (wink!)

Does it ever get bored? mundane? disappointing? HECK NO!

Every Valentine's day is a Perfect Valentines Day.  Because we decided that it would be our perfect day. And it always is. That's our code. The Valentine Code.

We made up our minds that our day is going to be Perfect. How? Me, by giving him what he really wants. Him, vice versa.

The Perfect Valentine's Day isn't about what you will GET, but what you will GIVE. Giving will give you the greatest pleasure. By giving him exactly what he truly desires, it makes me happy.

Our perfect day starts at the crack of dawn. A kiss, a hug. Exchange of Valentine's card. I even get him a card from his kids (cats). And then we move on to breakfast, and so on.

Our secret though? NEVER, NEVER turn on the news in the morning. It puts you into a different mood, a different mind. And, trust me, you won't miss much.

In fact, we treat our EVERY DAY like our Perfect Valentine's Day.

Every day is a perfect day, because we get to be with each other, we have the support of each other. No matter what happens in our life, we can always depend on each other. We can focus on our work, we have the courage to take bigger risks, we keep ourselves fit and healthy, because we have each other. We are each other's ANCHOR. Our relationship is the basis of our life together.

What about you? What does your Perfect Valentine's Day look like? How do you feel when you wake up? What is the first thing you say to your partner? What is the first thing yo do together? How would you spend the day? What will you give your partner? What will you wear? How would you do your hair? What music will you put on?

Take a moment. Relax and dream about your perfect Valentine's day. Run it in your mind like a movie. Treat this like meditation.

Why not turn it into every day? Turn every day into your Perfect Day. Put your partner as the most important aspect of your life. Your love is more important then your career, your finances, your friends, your community, your hobbies. The key to unlocking your ultimate relationship is the Valentine Code.


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