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Happy Remembrance Day


Happy Remembrance Day.


Today, on Veterans Day, we honor the heroes who lost their lives during the first World War. In Canada, we actually call it Remembrance day.


HI I am Andrew from the Foolish Couple. In our blogs, we mostly guides you on the 3 things in life that you cannot buy, even if you have an unlimited supply of money. Those 3 things are health, love, and time.


Today, not only do we honor the fallen heroes of days past, but we should also honor our own fallen heroes. The hero who I’d like to honor today is my dad. Isn’t it funny that you don’t miss your heroes until they are gone?


It’s been over two years since he passed, and he is still teaching me things after he was gone.


I want to share with you something that my dad did religiously, every night, before going to bed, all the way until he wasn’t physically able to do it because of his advanced Parkinson’s.

Every night, just before going to bed, he would hook his feet under the bed and do 50 sit-ups and then 50 push-ups.

He did this as far back as I can remember. This was a habit that he learned when he was in the military and decided to be a daily habit of his life. It was a habit that he followed every night before going to bed.


Like my dad, I also have a daily habit that I followed every night before going to bed. But instead of doing 50 sit ups and 50 push-ups, I would do a quick TRX routine before going to bed. The whole thing takes less than 4 minutes and I am done. I would then go to bed feeling tired but accomplished, satisfied, and ready to hit the bed.


In remembrance of my dad, I challenge you to develop your own healthy daily habit. What would you do every day that your kids will remember you doing? Will you go for a walk every day? Drink 8 cups of water every day? Will you eat your 5-7 servings of veggies every day or will you be like my dad and do a simple workour ritual before bed every day?


Tell me what you would do in the comments below, and go do it,, every day.


As always, Love what you live, and Live what you Love!


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