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Defining your New Normal 1

#depression #fear #finances #health #healthylifestyle #money #newnormal #personalgrowth Jun 10, 2021

 Hi. We’re the Foolish Couple.  I am Andrew and Minna, Functional Nutrition Specialists and Success Coaches. We created Foco Academy to help people achieve whole life success by applying the Success Principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Relationships.


By now you have probably heard about a term called 'new normal'. And you've probably realized that your new normal does, in fact, look pretty different from the old normal.


Do you like this new normal? 

What have you gained? What have you lost? 

What do you really want to do but you can't do it anymore?


More importantly, are you happier now than before?


Because, ultimately, the one common goal that all humans have, is to be happy. 


Parents wants their children to be safe and healthy because that makes them happy.

You make money because money can get you the essentials you need to keep you satisfied.

You hang out with your friends because it makes you feel connected.



Let's flip it the other way. What makes you unhappy?


What if you don't have enough money? You don't have anybody who loves you? You don't have a purpose? You don't have friends? What if you are sick and tired all the time?


In other words, if you are sick, broke, lost, and lonely, can you be happy?


I'm saying this because over the past year, there are many people who got sick, lost their jobs, closed their business, separated from their loved ones, and disconnected from the world. 


More and more people are unhappy and depressed. And the numbers support this. Studies found that the number of people falling into depression since the pandemic started has tripled. 


To make things worse. People are so used to being unhappy and depressed, they don't know how to be happy again, or they don't even remember what being happy means. There are some people that actually wants to keep their masks on for the rests of their lives, not because they're afraid of catching a virus, but because they don't want to show their emotions anymore. 


When you get to the point where you don't want to ever smile again, or laugh with other people, that's sad. And you know what happens when you are sad, unhappy, and depressed? You start losing friends, people get divorced, you lose your job, close your business, and you become alone and lonely.


So if you don't want this gloomy picture to be your new normal. Then it is time to paint a new picture. It is time for you to define your new normal. We are here to show you what we've done over the past year to define our new normal, so that you can have someone to guide you through these difficult depressing times.


And to define your new normal, you need to prepare yourself 4 ways.


First, you need to work on your emotions. Be aware of when you are in a fight and flight mode, and how to get out of it. Up your grit to get out of fear and get to a point of happiness.


Then, you need to work on yourself, physically. I have never seen a happy sick person. We will help you get healthy and stay healthy.


Next, we'll help you prepare yourself logically. And that means asking a different question.

When you ask a different question, the answers will redefine your life. Change your question, change your life.


Last but not least, we'll help you prepare yourself technically. We live in a time and age where technology advances exponentially. You can use technology with you, or against you. And we will share with you how to leverage technology to improve your efficiency and your effectiveness.


We'll continue on how to define your new normal in our next blog.


Until Next time Love What you Live and Live what you love


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