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DYNN 13 - Climbing Mount Fuji

#clarity #finances #goals #healthlifestyle #healthybrain #newlife #newnormal #personalgrowth Dec 08, 2021

Hi. I’m Minna, co-founders of Foco Academy, functional health and wellness coaches. As the world starts to wake up to the new normal, a lot has changed so we are also tweaking the focus of our messaging on how to get ahead in this new environmental, this new world. We are still focusing on time, health, and relationships and we are still utilizing the same set of success principles. 


A couple of years ago, before the pandemic, my nephew went to Japan and decided to go see Mt Fuji.

Now, most visitors, when they say they gone to see Mt Fuji, what that means was that they took a bus tour, which took them to the foot of the mountain. They got out, took some pictures, maybe ate a nice lunch, and then headed back onto the bus.


But not him.


He decided that he wanted to see sunrise on the top of the mountain. Now the only way to get to the top of Mt Fuji, is by hiking. It was a long and treacherous hike.

You hike through steep hills, thin air, the cold, harsh air hitting your face, and you keep climbing through the darkness, relying only on the light from the headlamp and from the people around you.



Interestingly, along the route, there are checkpoints.

These checkpoints let the hikers take a rest, maybe get something to drink, to eat, and some even have beds where the travelers can rest up. Heck, maybe even take in a sip of warm sake. You deserve it.



It was definitely a stretch goal, but it was worth it. The view of sunrise at the top was spectacular. It was worth the effort. When you get to the top, you feel that sense of achievement, the peacefulness, the calmness that comes with having achieving your goal.


Your goal may not be to climb Mt Fuji, but you probably also have stretch goals. Because as achievers, you like to challenge yourself, you like to push yourself to the limit to see what you are made of. And that is awesome.


And don't forget that, along the way, set up the checkpoints where you can to take a rest, celebrate your achievement, and maybe even re-strategize if you can get to your goal even faster. It is really important to celebrate your success along the way. Celebrating your success along the checkpoints re-motivates you to reach your goal and also reassures you that you are on your way to success.


How about you? Do you have your goals well defined? And have you set up checkpoints along the way so that you can be assured that you are on the right path?


I know that we are at very stressful times right now but I would also say that we are at the dawn of a new era.

You can make your new normal to be much better than before. All you need, is some guidance and some hand holding along the way.


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