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Got a “Gut” feeling? Yes! You have a Second Brain!

diet inflammation Aug 18, 2018

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We often rely on our ‘Gut’, don’t we? Our gut feeling tells us that he is not our soul mate, that we should get the blue dress not the red, or that we should pick these 6 numbers for the lottery ticket.


In other words, we often rely on our gut to make the decisions for us. And, in order for out Gut to make decisions for us, it must have a brain?


In fact, yes. It is now proven, scientifically, that your gut has a brain. In other words, you have not one, but TWO BRAINS! (Tweet this)


Don’t you just instantly feel twice as smart as before?


Hippocrates, way back in 370 BC, already said that all diseases began in the gut. Recently, researchers have discovered that the enteric nervous system, which is located in our gut, serves as our second brain.


In fact, your brain (the one in your head), and your gut talk frequently. Scientifically, our two brains are connected via the vagus nerve. And as a result of this marriage, they play a key role in our overall health, both physical and emotional. For example, anxiety and stress are psychological concerns. We know that people with gastrointestinal problems often experience anxiety and stress as a result of their condition. And on top of that, anxiety and stress can also intensify to the GI problems.


Rather than going into the scientific details about your microbiome and epigenetics, let’s talk about something that we care about.


Our bodies.


Many of our diseases and pains come from chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a central theme for most chronic diseases. And Chronic inflammation often starts from the gut, resulting in painful bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, and other serious problems. Chronic inflammation may also contribute to issues such as insulin resistance, metabolic syndromes, brain fog, excess phlegm, sinus issues, fatigue, muscle aches, and headaches.


So the factors that gives us chronic inflammation is primarily our lifestyle, for instance, the Standard American Diet, also called the SAD diet, sugars, processed foods, modern agricultural practices, stress, and even the fact that we are now sitting way too much can lead us to chronic inflammation and diseases.


In case you haven’t heard, Sitting is the new Smoking.


Scientists have also found that gut problems cause not only physical problems but also impact a person’s mood and emotional state. And in case you think that gut problems are ‘old people’s problems’, you are absolutely wrong. Gut issues starts even with newborn babies.


Having said all this, would you like to know how to repair your gut?


There are actually a lot of information about this topic and we put together an ebook called ‘Gut Matters’ that goes much deeper into the issue of our gut and the action steps that we can take to repair our gut and bring our bodies back to an optimal, healthy state.


This ebook is free for you to download and all you have to do is follow the link below and we will send you a copy.


Download the ebook here


Till Next Time Love what you live and live what you love.


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