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Demystifying Fats and Truth About Sugars (Series) - 1 of 6


Hello. I am Andrew, This is my wife Minna, and we are the Foolish
Couple. Both of us have suffered through a variety of health issues, me
with my major accident that left me feeling like a 70 year old man, Minna
with her issues with eczema, allergies, and anemia.

Over the last two years, I lost my dad through Parkinson’s, my older brother had a few scares with diabetes and his kidney, and seeing my mother-in-law slowly
lose her memory through Alzheimer’s. I feel the pain when my family members are suffering from poor health. And many of you probably do too. Fact is, when you suffer from chronic pains and diseases, the people around you also suffers with you.

We want to help you alleviate some of this pain, so we came up with this
video series because we are fed with so many lies about what’s good for
our health. As children raised in Chinese households, our parents always
taught us what we should and should not eat. What our parents thought
were healthy for us, many of them were lies. Not because our parents
didn’t love us, but because they were also being lied to, by food compa-
nies and pharmaceutical conglomerates.

And it took us many years to learn the real truth. The truth about the foods
that we put into our body. The truth that what we were used to eating
everyday are actually slowly poisoning our bodies.

We created this series called “Demystifying Fats and the Truth about Sugars” because we grew up thinking that fats are fat. Fats makes us fat, and fat gives us high cholesterol, which leads to heart attacks. But that’s not entirely true. Sugar is sweet and it’s a white crystal we put in our foods. It’s found in the desserts we eat. That eating too much sugar would rot your teeth.

We will start off in this series by going deeper into the history of how this
‘belief’ about fats came from, and what is the real truth. We talk about how
fats can heal our bodies and what we should eat that will not only improve
our health, but eating the right kinds of fats can actually makes us leaner,
gives use more energy and vitality, and keep us feeling younger and stronger. 

If this sounds too good to be true, just stay with us and we will show you
how this all works for you.

On day 1, that’s today, we’ll talk about the history of fats, and how it be-
came demonized.
On day 2, we will go deeper into investigating the types of fats and decode
what is consider good fats, and what kinds of fats are bad for our bodies.
On day 3, we will talk about how our low-fat diet is hurting our bodies and
what we should incorporate into our daily diets to restore our health.
On day 4, we’re going to switch over and talk about sugars. First, we’ll cover the different sources of sugars because, just like fats, some are good for you, some are not.
On day 5 and talk about metabolic syndrome, what are the signs that you may have metabolic syndrome. 
On day 6, we’ll wrap it all up by talking about how our epigenetics and in-
flammation in our bodies and what courses of actions we can take to reset
our bodies and restore our good health.

Let’s start with a quick story first.

Why don’t you tell us how the world came to believe that fats causes heart attacks?

Well. This began in the 1950s when President Eisenhower got a heart attack. During that time, heart attack was not a common disease and people got worried. That’s when the general public actually became aware of heart attack as a health threat. It was at that time, because of this incident, that Professor Ansel Keys from the University of Minnesota came up with the theory that saturated fats and cholesterol would clog your arteries like hot grease down a cold stove pipe and give you a heart attack. He called this the "diet-heart hypothesis." And his influence was so strong during the time that in 1961, he convinced the American Heart Association to issue the first advice anywhere in the world saying “Avoid saturated fat and cholesterol in order to prevent heart disease."

That was like the little acorn that grew into the giant oak tree of advice that we now have all over the world.

From that point on, all medical doctors were trained to believe the same
thing and they gave the same advice to all their patients. However, the study that Ansel Keys used to prove his “Diet-Heart Hypothesis” was flawed. In the seven-country study that Ansel Keys used to prove his hypothesis, he cherry picked the ones that fit his model. He picked the countries that did not eat a lot of saturated fats and had long lives and he avoided the countries such as Northern Italy, Switzerland, France or Germany that ate a lot of saturated fats and still lived just as long. Then he also picked the countries that ate a lot of saturated fat in their diets that had the highest number of heart attacks. He neglected to publish that
these countries that had the highest heart attack rates also had the highest
population of smokers also. Now we know that it was smoking that was the cause of heart attacks, but during the time he convinced the world that it was saturated fats that caused heart attacks, and this opened the door to the processed food Industry.

In fact Ancel Keys actually invented the first processed food that came to market called K-Ration.


When I first heard this story I was amazed at how much influence one person had to the entire world. I grew up thinking that fats are bad for me, and so did my parents and probably most people around the world because of this one theory. Now that we know how this myth came from, in our next video, we will talk about saturated fats versus polyunsaturated fats. And how the processed food industry caused our bodies more harm everyday.

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Until Next Time, Love what you Live and Live What you Love


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