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Defining your New Normal 7- Are you an Average Joe?

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Hi. I’m Minna, co-founders of Foco Academy, functional health and wellness coaches. As the world starts to wake up to the new normal, a lot has changed so we are also tweaking the focus of our messaging on how to get ahead in this new environmental, this new world. We are still focusing on time, health, and relationships and we are still utilizing the same set of success principles. 


Are you feeling left out? Maybe you haven' been hanging out with your friends and family that you felt a little lonely sometimes?


I get it. We've all been there. Meeting on zoom isn't quite the same as seeing our loved ones in real life. However, are there anybody that were in your life before the pandemic that you said to yourself,  thank god you don't have to ever see or talk to that person again?


Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with"


When I first heard this quote, it took me a little while to realize how true it is. Years ago, when I first heard Jim said this, I had to really thought about who I spend the most time with. 


I then look at the 5 people that I'm closest to, and that includes my family, my friends, and the people I work with. And then I look at their health situation, and their wealth situation. And suddenly, I realize that, wow. It's true.


I am, in fact, the average of the 5 people that I spend the most time with.


I am not the most active, nor the most inactive, but the average of the 5. I am not the poorest, and also not the richest of the 5. and I gotta say, in terms of both health and wealth, the 5 people that I am closest to are pretty much on the same level.


Why is that? Subconscious, we tend to like to hang out with people that is in a similar situation as us, we feel accepted, like we are part of the group. 


For me, if I start to hang out with a bunch of university professors, I might feel less intelligent then them.


If I hang out with a bunch of Olympic athletes, I'd probably feel bad about my body.


If I hang out with a bunch of rich people, I might actually feel poorer than I really am. 



In fact, isn't this part of the reason that people tend to demonize others who are wealthier than them? Regardless of how that person attain that wealth, and regardless of how that person utilize their assets, they tend to get demonized just because they are on a higher level than the average Joe.


And this doesn't only apply to health and wealth. It also applies to your perceptions of how the world "should" be and how you think. I'm give you an example.


If you've ever talked to a homeless people. They would tell you that their situation is never their fault. They served the country and their country abandoned them.

They tried to work but got laid off. They tried to be good but things just didn't work out. And that is truly what they believe.


And when they talk amongst themselves, their beliefs actually gets reinforced into their minds and they just know, in their guts, that the world owes them.


The reality? They owe themselves to do better, to be better, to obtain a better life.


By the way, just for giggles, if you are a homeless and you are not in California, beg your way to California right now because they are offering the homeless free health care and a place to live. California, was once a place that attracts the best and the brightest people to move there. Now, they are a hobo magnet. Go figure.


But let's just come back and talk about you. The lockdown was a perfect time to actually reset on the people that we spend our time with. If we don't like them, now, we don't have to see them anymore.


So if what Jim Rohn says is true, and I sure feel like it is, then what does it mean? Now is the time that you can choose who you want to spend your time with.


If you want to be more healthy, go spend your time with people who are in the wellness field. If you want more wealth, go hang out with people who was where you are now but became wealthier and learn from them. If you are looking to help more people, learn from the people who are already out there helping the people in need.


By the way, these people don't even have to be alive. I spend a good chunk of my time listening to audio programs and reading books to learn from the people who I never had a chance to meet in real life, but there is so much to learn from. 


If you are lucky enough to be able to have a mentor that you can talk to. That is awesome. I would've loved to have met Jim Rohn in real life but unfortunately that is not a possibility. But his wisdom gets passed on and I spend my time learning from him.


So for you, when you start to define your new normal, you will need people who can support your goals and dreams and help you get to where you want to be. Who you need to spend your time with will depend on where you want to go.


So, where do you want to go? Try answering these questions:


How healthy do you want to be? 

How long do you want to live?

What kind of sports or exercises do you enjoy doing?

How much do you want to have in your bank account? 

Where do you want to live? 

What do you want to drive? 

What do you want to have? 

Where do you want to travel to? 

What kind of experiences do you want to have? 

Who do you want to meet?

What kind of relationship do you want to have with your significant other? With your kids? Your friends? And your family?

What do you want o learn? 

What kind of skills will be need to support your new normal? 

What kind of impact do you want to have in your community?

Who do you want to help and how do you want to help them?


These questions will help guide you define your new normal. Go ahead, and spend some time to think through them. And we'll talk again next time.


Until Next time Love What you Live and Live what you love


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