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Defining your New Normal 19 - Invisible Boundaries

#2022 #clarity #depression #fear #finances #health #newnormal #success Jan 03, 2022

Hi. I am Minna and welcome to our blog on designing your new life. It is becoming clear that the old normal is never coming back and the new normal is becoming a reality. The good news is that because it is new, now is the time for you to actually design YOUR new normal. You can actually choose to reshape your life and redesign your future. The old ways was the normal way, but it wasn't working for many of us. You may have had your dreams and goals crushed by the harsh reality before, but now you can actually reach your dreams and goals, getting what you want, and live the way you choose to live. With the new normal, you can choose to live in a new reality.


Today I want to think about your limits, your boundaries, the invisible lines and barriers in your life. This is a tough one because we are pretty much unaware of our limitations.


I'll give you an example. Speed limit. Let's say the speed limit is 65. Somehow 66 is bad and 64 is ok.



The 6 feet social distancing requirement. How is 6 ft 1 inch ok and 5 ft 11 inches not ok?


GPA. 4.0 means you are good. 3.9? Well, you have flaws.


What about boundaries?

Are you bound by your county lines? State lines? Borders?


What about new years resolution?

Why is it that we should only decide to change our lives on the first of January?


We all grew up with a set of numbers and limits and invisible boundaries and lines about what we 'should' do, how we 'should' behave, and how our lives 'should' turn out.


Lately I've read a book on nomadic lifestyle. And it is rather intriguing.

The first question that the author asked, is that, 'Is the place you call home treating you well?'



If you have a small business, is the place where you have your business actually supporting small businesses? Or is the government adding more and more regulations, requirements and taxes?


If you are concerned about your health. Is the place you are living helping with your health? I'm talking about the blue zones where the longevity of the people is really the focus.


Just because your parents call this place home, doesn't mean you should.

Just because you are born here, doesn't mean you have to stay here.

Just because you have a house here, doesn't mean you have to live here.

Just because your business or work is here, doesn't mean you have to live here.


My advice:


Go where you are treated the best.

Live where you still have true freedom, where people are friendly and the environment is safe.

Love the one who treats you the best.

Work for the company who treats you the best.


You get the idea. You can move. You don't have to restricted to your county, your state, or even your country. We've mostly been working remote the last 2 years and things are working out just fine. There are jobs everywhere in the world. High quality healthcare is available in many countries.


There are cities and states and countries that will treat you better than how you are being treated now. So if you can have a better life elsewhere, why wouldn't you? You are not a tree. You can move.


So really evaluate how you are being treated now. Wherever you are. Are you being treated the best? Or are you just tolerating because you feel like you are stuck?


The world has changed and in this new normal, you have a lot more flexibility to where you can live. So really think about where is this place that will treat you the best.


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Until Next time Love What you Live and Live what you love


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