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The ABC’s on how to protect yourself against the CoronaVirus


[We are the Foolish Couple, Andy and Minna, founders of the Foco Academy. We focus on mentoring and teaching the Success Principles and how to apply the principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy: Health, Time, and Love Relationship.]    


One of our first and favorite personal development books is one that was written by our mentor Darren Hardy, and that book is called The Compound Effect (you can get the book here). The basic idea of the compound effect is that, hypothetically, if this penny is going to double in value every day. Then today, it is worth 1 cent. Tomorrow it is worth 2 cents. Which doesn’t seem like a lot.  But 30 days from now. This little penny will become $5,368,709.12.


While the compound effect sounds intriguing and awesome when it comes to money, it doesn’t sound so good when it comes to viral diseases. Which, we now know, we are in an international state of emergency due to a new strain of the Coronavirus.


For viruses, there is always a patient zero, which is this penny. This patient zero passes the virus to 1 other person, most often their husband or wife. So now we have 2 infected patients. They then go to work, carry their virus with them and pass it onto 1 other person each. Now we have 4. And then these 4 people went on with their lives, going to a restaurant, get on a flight, or a cruise, or the theater, and they, in turn, pass their virus onto another person. Just like how this penny can grow from 1 cent to over 5 million dollars,

1 infected patient can become over 5 million infected

 Now, I hope that’s not the case. But I also want you to be more realistic about the current situation. Sure, this penny doesn’t seem so exciting, even when it becomes $81.92 in 14 days. But 14 days is also the incubation period. The sleep period where people don’t even know that they have a problem. You may not even realize that your penny is growing until day 15 when it becomes $163.84.


And to make things even worse. Let’s say that you went on this wonderful vacation, a beautiful cruise to Asia, and you were enjoying the vacation, and everything is great, until one day, the entire ship gets quarantined. Everyone on board, including you, are asked to stay in your room for 2 whole weeks. Now if you’ve ever been on a cruise, you may have noticed that the cabins are generally not that roomy. And if you have to stay in that room for 14 full days, I don’t know about you, but I would go insane. And to make things worse, while you are stuck in your room doing nothing, all you can think about is,

Am I infected?

What’s going to happen to me if I am?

Why am I so unlucky? Why me?

And thoughts like this go through your head the entire day. So even if you may not be infected, the thought process that you went through is enough to upset your stomach.

Even if you are not affected. Those 14 days will still feel like torture.

That cruise in Japan that is now stranded and quarantined due to the CoronaVirus. As of today, out of the 3600 passengers, 356 have been tested positive. That’s almost 10% so far, but that number keeps going up so we’ll probably have a better idea by next week.


The thing is, if you are one of those who need to be quarantined, including the passengers who came back from China and were put into an air force base. You may not be sick. But you’ve lost 2 weeks of your time, you lost 2 weeks of pay from your work and you have no social life for 2 weeks. You keep thinking about the worst case scenario. What’s going to happen if you are infected and you die?


Since the last time, just under two weeks ago, when we first talked about the Coronavirus, the amount of people infected has more than tripled, up from 20000 to almost 70000. The number of coronavirus deaths overtook that of the Sars epidemic in 2003 which also originated in China and killed 774 people worldwide. To this date it is at 1665 and climbing. So the compound effect that we've talked about, it’s happening as we speak.


And there are a lot of news, alerts, and updates all over the internet. NaturalHealth365 has another article:

New strain of coronavirus currently “as deadly as the Spanish flu epidemic,” expert warns

What about this one:

Coronavirus UPDATE: Massive coverup exposed by bioweapons expert

Or this article from Forbes magazine:

Coronavirus Impact: Pay Attention To Shanghai, And Japan Infection Rates


The news may be over exaggerated but the virus is spreading at an alarming rate.  We don’t think it is in our best interest to be afraid and not go out anymore, and just stay home until this whole incident blows over. It is not going to blow over anytime soon. We still need to move on with our daily lives go to work, play sports, see our friends. But we do want you to be a little more cautious. After all, we’ve all been sick, and we know that it is no fun to be sick.


Who knows, you may fall victim to one of the virus carriers who don’t even know that they were carrying the virus. Just remember, bad things happen to good people. So why not protect yourself a little better?


How? How do you protect yourself from the virus? And not just yourself, but probably your spouse, your kids, and your parents as well? How do you keep your whole family safe?


It’s not an easy task, knowing that the compound effect is working against us. But there are some simple actions that you can take, right now, that will give you the best chance to protect you from getting infected. Or at least to minimize the effects of the virus on your body even if you do get infected.


There are some steps that we recommend that you take immediately, right now, and there are also some things that we do think you really should do in the long run. The best way to stay healthy at times of emergency is to keep your immune system up, and also to keep your family’s immune system up so that you don’t keep getting each other sick.


Do you tend to catch the cold or the flu? Do you frequently feel sick, weak, and tired? If you are, that means that your body is toxic and you really need to work on boosting your immune system.


So we are going to talk about the ABC’s of How to protect yourself from the Cononavirus or any other virus in the future.

These are the 3 basic steps that will hopefully help you avoid catching the Coronavirus, or any viruses, and also to protect your body in the long term against future infectious diseases. Because, after all, new diseases come along all the time.


A is for Avoidance

This one is obvious. With the spread originating from Wuhan, China, avoid contact with any people that had visited Wuhan in the last 14-21 days. Right now The CDC is saying that it can take about 14 days of incubation before symptoms show. A recent article published by scientists in the journal of hospital infection, states that the nCoV2019, the coronavirus strain involved in the current outbreak, is a droplet-based infection and can be spread directly between people or by touching contaminated surfaces. The review found that on average, coronaviruses can live on surfaces for between four and five days, but some could survive for up to nine days outside of the body at room temperature.


So avoidance is key, I know everyone is going crazy buying out face mask so they can still go out. Yes you can still go out, without the face mask, just go to places that is less visited by potential virus carriers. For the next 30 days, try avoiding heavily populated Chinese supermarkets and Chinese restaurants. I know that this may suck, but it’s just for 30 days. I am Chinese and I love Chinese food but is it really worth taking the chance of you getting sick just because you have the urge to eat Chinese food? Come on, you can survive for 30 days without Chinese food.


Maybe this will give you an opportunity to try the Mediterranean diet, Keto diet, Vegan diet or Intermittent fasting that you always wanted to try. After eating and studying the Chinese diet all my life, I can assure you that the Chinese diet is not the healthiest diet for you anyways. It tends to favor the bad fats and is more inflammatory and acidic to our bodies. For ways to make the Chinese diet more healthy, hit me up for some simple tips.

The best tips is to wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water. Don’t rely on those hand sanitizers, it may not be enough to protect you. Avoid touching your face. If you cough or sneeze, it’s important to cover your face with a sleeve. 


As for face-masks and gloves, are they really protecting you or making it worse for you? There is little evidence that a face-mask can benefit you in a causal situation. Masks are useful for those that are infected to protect other people from them, but wearing a mask all the time may be ineffective. A mask can allow viruses to be transmitted around it, through it and worse still, if it becomes moist it will encourage the growth of viruses and bacteria. Gloves are probably even worse, because people put on gloves and then touch everything they would have touched with their hands. So, it just becomes another way of transferring micro-organisms. And inside the gloves, your hands get hot and sweaty, which is a really good environment for microbes to grow. So, masks and gloves may actually encourage viruses to grow.


As for traveling, I would cancel any plans that you need to fly or go on a boat.  I would avoid all places that has a lot of people in confined spaces such as airports and especially cruises. These are breeding places for the virus as so many people are moving in and out touching and sneezing on everything. At least till the virus slows down with the warmer weather, but that may be at least another 2-3 months away.


Instead, consider a staycation, visit local places around town that you have thought about checking out and never had the time. And if you do want to go further, consider doing a road trip in your car. This will limit the chances of getting exposed like if you were stuck in a sardine can.


B is for Biohacks

Biohacking is a relative new word, but basically what it means it that we are utilizing different foods, supplements, and gadgets to enhance our body functions. Simple things such as vitamins, sauna, cryotherapy are all considered some basic forms of biohacking.


I believe that we are what we eat, and we should try to get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from eating as whole and clean as possible. But with the foods nowadays, with the over farming, toxic pesticides and chemicals used, it is hard to get all the nutrients we need. Especially the vitamins and minerals we need to fight off infections.


In the latest GreenMedInfo article, Vitamin C Protect Against Coronavirus , they tell you to load up on Vitamin C, D, Magnesium and Zinc. I don’t mean eating just 1 orange. I mean REALLY load up with these specific nutrients.

I suggest you choose a high quality nutritional supplementation to help with that, something that is pharmaceutical grade and proven to be bio-available. A brand I use and trust that has changed my life over the last 7 years is Usana, I take their multivitamin religiously. And to boost my immune system during the cold and flu season and especially this outbreak, I would take their Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Proglucamune, which has zinc, and reishi and shitake mushrooms which are known to boost your immune system. In the last 7  years, I have not gotten a flu shot and never caught a cold or flu ever since I had changed over to whole organic foods and supplemented with Usana Products (see list of recommended products here). You should give them a try to boost your immune system.

Of course stay hydrated, and gets lots of sleep. And remember to move, at least 150 minutes a week. During the flu season or the spread of the Coronavirus, be careful you don’t over work out your body as this can lower your immune system.


C is for  CounterMeasure

Not everyone of us is born with the best genes nor brought up on the best whole nutritious foods. And most of us probably didn’t exercise or strength trained over the years to keep our bodies strong, mobile and flexible. What I am saying is that most of us led a life similar to our parents and their upbringing. And depending on their upbringing, more then likely there wasn’t a whole lot of healthy habits. We didn’t eat as clean and nutritious as we should have.


We didn’t exercise or get enough sleep as we should have. And of course we exposed ourselves to unknown dangers, such as chemicals, molds, toxins and pesticides without knowing it through our daily lives. This so-called normal lifestyle that most of us lives has caused our bodies to be overburdened and potentially weak over time. Given time our bodies may develop chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, heart problems and Alzheimer’s.


But not only are our bodies susceptible to these chronic conditions down the road, it leaves our bodies weaker to fight of Virus such as the flu and especially the Coronavirus.


So the most important thing we can do for ourselves is preventative health. And that starts with healing our bodies at the cellular level, to detox it from all these hidden dangers we have exposed our bodies to over time. Check out our last blog Coronavirus, heavy metals and immunity to find out more if you missed it.


To start healing our bodies, we need to first find out how low our immune systems are, or more accurately how much inflammation is in our cells. The higher the inflammation, the lower our immune systems are. Check out our video here if you are interested in healing your body, boosting your immune system and be better able to handle any virus that may come at you in the future.


The bottom line is, the stronger your immune system is, the less chance of you getting sick, whether from the flu, the cold, or the latest viruses. So stay healthy. Because without health, your life will be miserable.

Watch the video and schedule your tests now, we hope to see each and everyone of you.

Until next time, Love What You Live, and Live What You Love.


We believe that healthy relationships start with health. We help you achieve total success in health and in relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle. If you know someone who can benefit from this blog, share with them. Let them know that you care about them. And of course, leave us any comments below. We love to hear from you.


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