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Do you really need to eat every day?

fasting health nutrition Sep 06, 2018

Welcome to Foolish Insights. We are the Foolish Couple, Andrew and Minna, nutrition coaches and success mentors. We created FoCo Academy to guide and mentor people to achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changes.


This week we are going to talk about a few health myths. Yesterday we talked about how the correlation between age and muscle tone is not really all that obvious. Even when you are in your 60’s, you actually still have the same capacity to build lean muscle mass as someone half your age, provided that you have the right level of nutrition and doing the right exercises.


Today, we’ll talk about another myth that probably 99% of you believe to be true; something that was taught to us by our parents growing up.


That myth is that we have to eat 3 meals a day, everyday.


Both Minna and I did a 5-day water fast last month, and we’ve felt stronger and better than ever. During those 5 days, the only thing we put into our mouths was plain water, nothing sugary and nothing solid. Not even supplements. Neither of us is on any medications so we didn’t have to worry about that.


And we survived. In fact, more and more people are doing extended fasts for a variety of health reasons. One of the biggest benefits of fasting is that fasting gives your gut a break. Generally speaking, our digestive system takes about 16 hours to fully process all the food that we take in, so if we follow the traditional beliefs to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our digestive system is constantly working and never has time to rest up.


Imagine that if you never get to rest and relax. How would you feel? Well, that’s pretty much how our gut feels as well. It is constantly working hard and having no time for a break at all. And when you are constantly working, eventually you get weak and then you get sick. That’s what’s happening to your digestive system as well.


That is why so many adults out there have gut problems such as leaky gut, liver problems, kidney problems and pancreatic problems. Their digestive system is simply unable to handle all the food that they are feeding it.


Now before you decide to do an extended water fast, be sure to check with your doctor about potential risks, especially if you have a medical condition. We also have a previous blog on water fasting that will give you more information.


So, believe me, you don’t have to eat everyday, let alone 3 meals a day. We do a 16 hour fast every day and usually just eat 2 meals a day and we are healthy than ever.


Next time, we’ll talk about another health myth.


Till Next time, Love what you live and Live what you love


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