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3 must-do's if you want to look and feel YOUNG

adventure love young Sep 25, 2018

Have you found your “Fountain of Youth”?



Ever since ancient history, humans have been searching for ways to look and stay young, to preserve their vitality and youthfulness, and to live forever.


We are the Foolish Couple, Andy and Minna. We believe that healthy relationships start with health and our goal is to help people achieve true health and healthy relationships through nutrition, exercises, mindset and lifestyle.


In ancient Chinese history, people used to have to praise their king with “Ten Thousand Years of Life” before they can be dismissed. Not only do we all wish to have a longer life, but we all want to live a Happy, Healthy Life. Modern medication has advanced to the point that your life can be extended by many years, even when you have chronic, degenerative diseases.


But how will your quality of life suffer if you depend on medication and medical treatment to stay alive? Will you still able to fulfill your dreams? Will you still be strong enough to take care of your family? Will you have the mobility to play with your children? Will you have the energy to help out with your community? Will you have the vitality to travel, to go on adventures with your loved one?


Or will you always be sick and tired? Will you be confined to your locality? Worse yet, will you be confined to your bed? Are you depending on your family to take care of you? Will you be a financial burden to your spouse and your children?


We all naturally grow old. Growing old can be fun and filled with joy and love only if we are healthy. But how?


You may be curious about how to eat better, how to exercise smarter, and how to take care of your skin, so that you can look and feel younger, even as you grow older.


And yes, we have an online program that will show you how to do just that (just join our mailing list and we will let you know when it is available). But that’s not what this article is about.


To stay “forever young”, there are 3 things you need in your lives.


1. New Challenges



At some point in your life, you become too comfortable with where you are in your careers, your health situation and your intimate relationships. You became complacent with your situation.


It is important to constantly go outside your comfort zone. We are all destined to be more than what we already are. As a couple, we like challenges and we are constantly looking for new challenges.


The more you tell us we can’t do something, the more we rise to the challenge and prove you wrong. Constantly facing new challenges is one way to keep our vitality and our will to live. This applies to all areas in your life. You may be stagnant in your career because you have become too comfortable in your current position and salary.


You may have a fixed mindset about your health. You believe that old age is to blame for all your health issues. You become “fat, dumb and slow”. You claim that the younger version of you was stronger, fitter, and faster.


Do you know someone who is the same age, or older than you, who is faster, stronger, and fitter than you? Chances are that you do. If so, then what’s stopping you from becoming more like them? A better version of you?


The secret is to take on new challenges. Harriett Thompson was 92 years old when she finished the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego in just under 7 ½ hours.


You can be as healthy and strong as you want, as long as you choose to become stronger and healthier. You must be dedicated to it and you must take action on becoming strong and healthy every day.


For example, let’s say that you want to be a marathon runner like Harriett Thompson. But you have never ran before and you had no idea where to start. Well, here’s how you start. Take the first step. Start by walking for 15-20 minutes a day and see how you feel and record the distance you walk. And then, every day, add a little more distance. It will get easier day by day and you can increase the rate of your walk for that same distance as time goes by. Soon you will notice you are walking faster and further.


In no time you will be able to jog the distance and eventually become a runner. But only if you accept the challenge AND do the work.



You need challenges in your intimate relationship as well. You started out as lovers and you were infatuated with each other, wanting to learn more about each other when you first fell in love.


But as your relationship grew, you became too comfortable with the patterns of life. Eventually, you went from lovers to roommates. You still stay together but there is no more passion between the 2 of you anymore.


It doesn’t have to be that way. When you have found your one true love, you should be passionately in love your whole life, not just living together like roommates or best friends.


Challenge yourself to keep up that spark in your relationship. Surprise them, leave them little post-it notes and say you love them. Help them with the chores that they hate to do. Pursue a dream together. Take on new adventures together. Challenge yourself to be a better husband or wife, partner, or lover. There is always room for improvement.


2. Think younger to BE younger



Studies has shown that your life expectancy is determined by your biological age and not your chronological age. Don’t let your age be the excuse for missing out on life experiences with your loved one.


What do people that are 10-20 years younger than you do? How do they think? What do they believe? And of course, I am talking to all of you that are 40 and above. It would be silly if you are in your 20-30s.


Having a younger mindset opens all types of doors. You will not only look younger, you will have the energy to match.


Nowadays, people are living longer and longer lives. Wouldn’t it be great if you feel younger and more vibrant? If you are in your 60s, how good would it be to feel like you are in your 40’s?


When you retire, you are essentially starting a new life. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you have the energy to go and do whatever you want, rather than thinking about how you are turning old and there’s nothing for you to do?


Be as young as you feel and own it. Find your inner child and live the life of a younger you.


3. Let go of Negativity and Resentment



This is a big one that almost everyone failed as we age. We are referring to negativity and the unwillingness to forgive and to let go.


Holding on to resentment for things in your past will not only stress you out endlessly all day long but also make you unhappy. Frowning all day will make you look older and more tired.


Go to the mirror and take a good look at yourself when you frown and look angry. Now look again, this time smile and think happy thoughts. Do you see a difference? It takes 16 muscles in your face to frown and only 4 muscles to smile. Now imagine frowning most of the time because you feel resentful, how those 16 muscles are crunching your face slowly, constantly engraving wrinkles into your face.


Not being able to let go also affects the loved ones around you. When you are angry all the time, the people around you will feel that anger and channel it back to you, therefore aging them as well. Not only will you look older when you are angry, you will feel older too because anger causes toxic stress to the body, causing your blood pressure to rise and causes inflammation throughout your body, which can lead to all sorts of degenerative diseases.


So what do we suggest? Stop thinking about the past, stop obsessing about things that pissed you off, what that person did or didn’t do for you or to you. And start living in the moment and see all the positive things that person brings into your life. Rather than thinking about how bad a job your wife does at keeping the house clean, think about what an amazing cook or lover she is.


We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we didn’t marry our wife to be our cleaning lady or French maid, unless that was one of your fantasies. Just kidding girls, we don’t really think that!


Learn to see their strengths, love them and constantly thrive to learn and see the amazing things and reasons you fell in love with the person in the first place, and stop looking for flaws. Both of you will not only be happier but look younger in the process.


And, of course, eat well, exercise, and stay healthy!


We believe that healthy relationships start with health and we help couples achieve total success in health and in relationships through nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle. If you know someone who can benefit from this blog, share with them. Let them know that you care about them. And of course, leave us any comments below. We love to hear from you.


Until next time, love what you live, and live what you love.


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