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3 Natural ways to Lower Blood Sugar

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Hi. I’m Andy, co-founders of Foco Academy, functional health and wellness coaches. As the world starts to wake up to the new normal, a lot has changed so we are also tweaking the focus of our messaging on how to get ahead in this new environmental, this new world. We are still focusing on time, health, and relationships and we are still utilizing the same set of success principles. 


In the last episode, I talked about metabolic efficiency and how our bodies were designed to be able to burn both sugar and fat as fuel.


I talked about blood sugar and how high blood sugar levels cause inflammation that can lead to chronic conditions such as heart problems, type 2 diabetes and kidney problems, which increase your risks of getting severely sick f you are infected by Covid or any other viruses.


I hope you got a chance to measure your blood sugar levels. If you want to go back and watch the previous episode, here’s the link to that episode.


Statistics show that 1 out of 10 adults in the US is diabetic and ever 1 out of 3 people is pre-diabetic, which means that their blood sugar level is over 100. We measure our own blood sugars using the Keto Mojo meter and here’s a link to it if you’d ike to buy one.


For most of you your number is either around 100 or slightly under. If you have a number between 75-85mg/dL, congratulations! Your body is metabolically efficient and you can burn both sugar and fat as fuel. Which also leads to less inflammation and a much lower chance of developing chronic conditions.


However, if you are in the 30% of the population, more then likely your number is over 100mg/dL meaning that you are pre-diabetic. Just because you are not type 2 diabetic yet, you are on a road to chronic conditions if you don’t make lifestyle changes today.


Today I am going to talk about three simple ways to help lower your blood sugar levels if they are at pre-diabetic levels.


The first one is exercise.

Now I am not going to say you need to join a gym or start hitting weights right. If you haven’t exercised for awhile, more than likely you are going to injure yourself. If you haven’t exercised for awhile, I suggest you go out for a morning walk or hike.


A  morning walk not only improves your Insulin sensitivity and helps lower your blood sugar, it has many other benefits. You breathe in fresh air rather than the stale, circulated air at home or in the office. You get to see and meet people in real life, which also improve your mood. I love the morning walk because I get sun exposure which is essential for recharging our body to help make vitamin D and improve our immune systems.


The second one is hot-cold therapy.

This one works great to lower your blood sugar levels. Go for a dry sauna and follow with a cold shower, or go for a dip in the hot tub and then take a swim in the pool. Or you can do what we do. We do a dry Infra red sauna followed by half hour wearing a cold vest. A cold vest is just a vest filled with ice packs to bring your body temperature down. You can also do hot-cold shower by alternating hot and cold water, the hottest and coldest that you can bear for 20-30 seconds each as you are showering. There are many ways you can experience a hot cold therapy to boost your metabolism and lower your blood sugar levels too!


And the third one is a big one, many people have tried it at least once and usually fail.

And that is to go on a ketogenic diet. The problem is that most people that try to do a keto diet with the wrong mindset. They either go dirty keto and eat fatty bacon and meats all day long, or they eat the heavily processed keto friendly foods. Almost no one that tried the Keto diet monitor their blood sugar and ketone levels so they never really know if the diet is working for them.


The proper way to a clean keto diet is to eat mostly whole foods, mainly vegetarian and supplemented with healthy fats, such as avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, wild fish, pasture raised beef, cage free pasture raised eggs, and grass fed butter. Never eat the store-b ought, processed foods that are labeled “keto” because they have very little nutritional value. 


The main thing is to limit your carbohydrate intake to only 20grams a day. This means no grains, no breads, no pastas, potatoes and even some sugary fruits. The ketogenic diet, when it is done right, normalizes blood sugars very quickly and for some people has even reversed their type 2 diabetes.


But for most people, a ketogenic diet is pretty extreme, and probably not for everyone. Instead,  you can start by limiting your daily carb intake to 100grams a day. That may be as simple as giving up rice or pasta at dinner.

You will find that your blood sugar will slowly come lower with just this one simple dietary change. I recommend that you download the App called Chronometer. It is a food tracking app that not only tracks nutrients from the foods you eat, but also the protein, fat and most importantly carbohydrates. After tracking your food for about 2 weeks you will have an idea how much 100grams of carbohydrates is per day.


Elevated blood sugars will cause chronic illness in the future. The best way to live a long and healthy life is to manage your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels get too high, you will develop type 2 diabetes. Your doctor will tell you that diabetes cannot be cured but can only be managed with drugs for the rest of your life. If you believe this story that your doctor gives you, I can guarantee you that you will develop other chronic conditions in the future, such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, nerve damage and ultimately kidney failure requiring more and more drugs to take weakening and destroying your body over time.


In the next episode, I am going to talk about three things that you can eat or take to lower your Blood Sugar levels naturally. 


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