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3 Foods to Lower Blood Sugar

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Hi. I’m Andy, co-founders of Foco Academy, functional health and wellness coaches. As the world starts to wake up to the new normal, a lot has changed so we are also tweaking the focus of our messaging on how to get ahead in this new environmental, this new world. We are still focusing on time, health, and relationships and we are still utilizing the same set of success principles. 


In the last episode I talked about 3 natural ways to lower your blood sugar.


First is to exercise.

Depending on your fitness level, it can be just as simple as a morning walk. 


The second one is hot-cold therapy.

It is essentially cycling your body temperature from the hottest it can bear to the coldest it can bare.


And the third one is to go go on a ketogenic diet or a  low carbohydrate diet.

To make sure that you are doing it properly, you need to measure your blood sugars and ketones, so that you know that your body is getting into ketosis and able to burn fat for fuel, which will also improve Insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar.

"Get your Keto-Mojo here to Test your Blood Sugar and Ketone Levels."


We now know that high blood sugars is the catalyst that starts most inflammation in the body, that can lead to chronic diseases in the future. But what about genetics, are we doomed to a life of diabetes if our family had diabetes?


Just because your family has a history of diabetes and you tested that you have that gene, it doesn’t mean you have to become diabetic.


Imagine a loaded gun, the gene for diabetes is the bullet in the loaded gun, but it is your lifestyle that pulls the trigger, ultimately giving you diabetes.


Both Minna and I have genes linked to high blood sugar chronic diseases, I have genes linked to  type 2 diabetes and Minna has genes linked to Alzheimers.

So if we are careless with our lifestyle, we will almost certainly develop Alzheimers and type 2 diabetes. 


In order to live a long healthy life free of chronic diseases you must be pro-active in managing your blood sugar. The earlier you start the better, no one else can help you.


Today, I would like to switch it up and tell you three things that you can eat or take that will naturally lower your blood sugar levels. That’s right. You heard right. Eating these 3 things will naturally lower your blood sugar.

 Food is Medicine, you do not need drugs to lower your blood sugar!


1.The first food or actually beverage , I recommend that can help you lower high blood sugar levels and help your body towards burning fat for fuel is to drink a keto coffee.

This can be as simple as drinking a black cup of coffee with a tablespoon of grass fed butter, coconut oil or MCT oil mixed with a teaspoon of cinnamon.


2.The second food is a fruit. We recommend you eat a guava a day.

You can usually find these in Asian supermarkets, Mexican grocery stores or in the exotic fruits section in your supermarket. Guava is excellent for lowering blood sugar and managing diabetes. It is high in fiber and low in calories. Studies has shown eating a guava daily can naturally lower blood sugar levels. Also as a bonus, it is low in sodium and high in potassium which is great for a diabetes diet and best of all, it has 4 times the vitamin C than oranges, which helps boost your immune system and helps fight chronic diseases. The best way to eat a guava is to cut it up and mix it in with a smoothie.


3. The third food is also another exotic fruit. And it is called jack fruit.

Just make sure you eat it a little more on the raw side rather than waiting for it to be super soft and ripe. It is similar to guava in being low glycemic and high in fiber. And jack fruit can be eaten in may ways. You can cut it open and it it raw or you are vegetarian, you can stew it and it comes out looking like pulled pork. We like eating it raw or freezing whatever we don’t eat and use them for smoothies.


As I bonus, i like to recommend a natural diabetes fighter that may be able to reverse diabetes. In one hour it starts to work to tame your blood sugar and in 2 hours it can drop your blood sugar by 15%. Studies have shown that taking this daily for 2 weeks, patients show an average decrease of 30% in their blood sugar. Best of all, unlike drugs, there are no side effects with lasting results. 


If is called Banaba leaf, or the “Queen’s Flower”and is found in Southeast Asia like India and the Philippines.

In Buddhist culture, the Banaba tree is considered to play a key roll in helping religious leaders attain enlightenment. So what’s in Banaba leaf that is so powerful in helping lower blood sugar? 


Banaba extract contains a compound called corosolic acid that activates proteins in your body that is responsible for transporting glucose from your blood into your cells improving Insulin sensitivity. Another great side benefit of this extract is it may help you lose weight, since it helps deliver sugar into your cells rather than sugar being stored in your fat. 


This is an extract that was recommended to me by a functional Longevity doctor and I put it to the test.

After eating a high carb meal, such as pasta, rice or noodles that raises my blood sugar to diabetic levels as verified by my Keto Mojo meter. I take one of these and measure my blood sugar again in 2 hours and it drops my blood sugar at least 15%. After taking this extract for the last 2 months, my fasting morning blood sugar levels are now in optimal range of 80’s whereas it was usually in the low 100’s.

"You can buy this Banaba leaf extract here" and test for yourself if it helps lower your blood sugar levels naturally.


I hope this helps you understand the importance of measuring and maintaining  your blood sugar levels for a long and healthy life.

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