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The Power of Attraction

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2018

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s weekly Review. Our work focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and couple’s wellbeing.

Recently we’d heard quite a few of our friends talk about the power of attraction, sometimes called the law of attraction. It seems to be a popular subject this time of year, probably because we’re in the first part of the year where people are trying to manifest their new year’s resolutions.
As Relationship transformation Coaches, we’ll talk about how to use the power of attraction, and more importantly, teach you the vital last step in the process that most of you are missing.
So what exactly is the power of attraction?
Well, if you Google the phrase ‘power of attraction’, it is more commonly known as the law of attraction. And there are a lot of theories of how to use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams, to make your dreams come true.
We tend to think of this a little differently. Not exactly a law, per se, but more of a practice of your own personal power. You may be leveraging the universe to manifest your dreams, but you must utilize your own personal power, your mental strength to actually realize your dreams and goals.
Therefore, we call this, the Power of Attraction. In order to attract something you want, you must use your own powers.
The power of attraction seems to be a mostly misunderstood concept. Most people think the power of attraction is somewhat magical and all you have to do is wish for something really hard and think about it all the time and you will magically get it. That may work for simple things, but not all things work that way.
For example, if you want to lose weight and look hot, you may wish and meditate on it and hope to look hot and lose weight.

How’s that working out for you?
If it was that easy, all lazy people will look like models or have six pack abs!
Well, if you haven’t lost any weight yet, then you’d probably want to keep listening.
But first, a “Disclaimer” Alert: We’re not claiming that you will look hot just by listening to us. But we do know a thing or two about the power of attraction and how to activate it.
In some cases it really is that simple.

Like getting the perfect parking spot in a busy parking lot, it works really well for us.
For example, on a sunny day, we like to hang out in Santana Row, which is an outdoor shopping and dining area in San Jose California. Parking in Santana Row is notorious for being difficult, even with all the parking lots around it. It’s a really popular spot that has great restaurants.
Santana Row is essentially one main strip that stretches out about three blocks long. Along the main strip there are a few parking spaces where you can parallel park. The one that we particularly like is the parking spot right outside the Tesla store, where Tesla showcases their Model S and Model X. On our way to Santana Row, we'll always envision ourselves parked there and magically that’s the one that we typically park, almost every time!
Remember we say it’s not a law. It’s a practice of our mind powers.

Another common example that is widely used is when you want to buy a car. Once you’ve decided on a particular year, make, model, color and options on the car, you suddenly will see that particular car everywhere. I know this is true because when we ordered our Tesla a couple of years ago, it took about 6 weeks for Tesla to deliver the car to us, and during those 6 weeks, all we saw was that exact blue Tesla Model S everywhere.
Does that mean that all of a sudden there were more Tesla’s on the road? Of course not, here is the theory behind this phenomenon.
Our brain, no matter how smart you are, tends to filter out about 99% of everything around you. At any moment, you will only consciously notice a few things. For example, right now you are reading this blog, watching this on video or listening to us on a podcast. You hardly notice the AC blowing down onto you, the plane that just flew overhead, or how your clothes feel on your body. But now that I’ve mentioned it and it is in your consciousness, all of a sudden, you feel cold from the AC. Weird right?
There are constantly a million things going on around us but our brains are programmed to only consciously notice only a few things at any given moment.  And we’d only notice things that we are looking for. Otherwise, we’ll probably all go insane if we cannot filter out all the noise around us.
Back to the car example, now that we had a particular car in our mind, it programed our brains to notice that car more, to see all those Tesla’s that were already all around us. After all, the factory is only 10 miles from where we live and it is a popular car around these areas. We just didn’t notice it before because we weren’t consciously looking for it.
So that’s what the power of attraction really means.

It’s a way of activating that part of your brain so that you’ll start noticing and seeking out the things that you are really looking for.
In simple cases like getting our favorite parking spot, the power of attraction usually works out for us.
But, I know you’re not dreaming about getting the perfect parking spot. Your dreams and goals are much bigger than that. And yes it should be.
Now dreams and goals tends to fall into 5 different areas:
·     Health
·     Employment or career, which may also be your entrepreneurial efforts
·     Assets and finances
·     Relationships
·     Time and freedom – meaning how you spend your spare time when you are not working. It may be sports activities, music, hobbies or community work. Whatever it is that lights up your life.
For example, during new years a lot of people like to make a new year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthier. Now, just using the power of attraction, to meditate on your dream weight and to really “really” believe that you will actually achieve your dream body is great, but it won’t happen unless you actually take some type of action. By action, I mean to eat healthier, better, cleaner, and to do consistent exercise that is suitable for your body type. After all you can’t just magically lose weight by just thinking about it!
The most common ‘use’ of the power of attraction is for someone to look for their mate; a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, partner, someone to spend your life with, someone to fall in love with.
Now finding someone you love isn’t really quite as simple as wishing for a good parking spot. You need to know exactly what you want, their age group, ethnicity, hobbies, hair color, eye color, strengths and weaknesses, family background and health situation. In fact, we strongly recommend that you build an ‘avatar’ in your mind of the person you are looking for.
Start with their appearance. And don’t lie to yourself and be superficial. Don’t say I don’t care how he or she looks as long as they have a good heart. That’s not how the power of attraction works. If you don’t know what you want, the universe doesn’t know either. For example if you are looking at a fruit bowl that has oranges, apples, grapes, pears, peaches, bananas and all sorts of other fruits, everything looks good. They probably all taste good. How do you choose without knowing what you want! If you know you are looking for a red delicious apple, then reach for the apple and ignore everything else.
It’s that simple. For that perfect person, start with how they look, their age, weight, height, length of hair, hairstyle, eye color, and particular features like dimples.


Then you can move on to other attributes. The kind of sports and exercise that they like, the kind of music they like, the type of family they have and the type of friends they like to hang out with. The movies they like to watch, which actors they like, and the books they read.
And then, if you do plan to spend the rest of your life with this person, then you have to figure out your non-negotiables, which usually revolves around children. Whether you want kids or not, and if you do, how many.  How far would you go if you couldn’t have any? Or vice versa. Other important non-negotiables may be your religion, how they treat your parents, how much emphasis you place on your careers, or things like that.
An important factor that most people miss is that you need to share common goals. Figure out what your life goals are, how you want to contribute to the community and when and what your retirement plans are. And that person, ideally, should share the same goals as you, or at least be supportive of your dreams and goals.
When you build your ‘avatar’; this dream person that you want to be with, be as specific as you can. Write it down on a piece of paper or a note in your smartphone or tablet or laptop. By writing it down, it is reinforcing your brain to go and seek out this particular person.
The fact is; this person is already here. They don’t just pop up out of nowhere. They didn’t come from outer space. You just weren’t seeing him or her because you weren’t looking for them. Just like the apple or the blue Tesla, you won’t see what you want till you know what you want.
But, while a lot of people do go this far on using the power of attraction to find their love, most of them will not be successful.
Why? They are missing one critical last step.
If your goal is to get healthy, you need to make a change. You need to change your eating habits and do exercise. You have to make a change. And that’s what’s difficult.
Making changes is difficult for most people. Especially if you are comfortable with where you are.
What about that person that you dream about, the one you have detailed out on paper? Where are they and why is it so hard to find them? Well, that person is already here, but he or she is also not seeing you, because you are not their avatar.
So here’s the last step to manifest the power of attraction when looking for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Every man or woman we speak to is missing this critical step and it’s really quite simple.

First you read through everything that you wrote about this person that you want to be with.
Now, figure out what type of person he or she would be looking for. On a separate sheet of paper, write down all the attributes that they want for their significant other. Once again, don’t skimp out on details and be specific as you can. These are the details your Soul mate is looking for!
And go be that person. 

Change you so that you can be someone that will attract your dream lover.  

For instance, if your dream person is fit and slim, who enjoys yoga and exercises, and you’re a couch potato. Sorry, you are not a match.
Figure out what that person would be looking for. And start changing yourself to make you attractive to that person. It’s not necessarily how you look. But it may be a particular skill, hobby, mindset or a life experience.
We know that change is difficult. That is why most people don’t change and that is also, why most people don’t get what they want.
But look at it another way. If you don’t change yourself now, if you don’t become a better version of yourself, then when will you change? There is a time in your life when it becomes too late to change.
A time when all you can do is regret, and think about all the things that you didn’t get because you did not change. You just didn’t take the necessary action to get what you dreamed of.
So don’t wait. Don’t wait until next year; change now.
Turn on your power of attraction to seek out and find your mate now! They are looking for you too!
Until next time, Love what you Live, Live what you Love.

***Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and nutrition coach, with 30 years as a self-start business expert

******Minna is a business consultant for 18 years, working for high tech companies as a specialist in mergers and acquisitions. *** 

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