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Too Busy to Eat Well? Here's how to fix a Broken Diet

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s insights. Our work focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles.

This week, our discussions revolve around being busy and how busy professionals stay healthy.

 I often feel like I am the busiest person in the world. A full time gig during the day, 2 side businesses to run during night time and weekends, 3 cats that constantly make a mess at home. Between the work, side gigs, housework, how could there be time to eat healthy and exercise?

Yet there are people that can do it all. We all know that someone who seemed to be able to get it all done: Career on the rise. Finances strong, home is clean and in order, and healthy as a nut.

How do they do it? And, better yet, how can I do it myself?

If they can have it all, why can’t I? I don’t believe I’m genetically any different from them.

Health has nothing to do with money. You can be the richest person in the world yet still unhealthy. Money doesn’t fix your body. You cannot pay someone to do your pushups for you.

So I tell myself, I think I can squeeze it all into my life too!

I can have a career, run my side gigs, eat well, stay in shape, and still have sufficient time to get a good night's sleep. Maybe even squeeze in some occasional R&R time every now and then.

So I set my sight on learning everything I can about nutrition and productivity. My goal? To eat well, exercise appropriately, and sleep well.

Learning about productivity is an eye-opener. Every person in this world has 24 hours a day. No matter your ethnicity, gender, whether you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, good Samaritan or criminal. Everyone has 24 hours a day. No more. No less.

You cannot buy more time. But you own your daily 24 hours. And every day, your account is replenished with another 24 hours. Free. How nice is that!

You can make your time work harder for you. That’s productivity.

I also learn about nutrition. Everything from micronutrients to macronutrients, from environmental toxins to brain health. Everything that has an impact on my health, my body. I make it my business to take control of my health.

I also set off to find out more about what proper exercises mean. The key being that, having a 6 pack does not mean you are healthy. A person who ‘look fit’ is not necessarily healthy. In fact, time after time, we’ve heard of body builders with amazing abs who feel victim to degenerative diseases, just like anyone else.

But there are merits to exercising. Proper exercises builds muscles, which helps us burn calories, keeps our posture, stimulates our lymphatic system, keeps our brains healthy and minds clear, and we may even get better sleep.

So how do we ‘get healthy productively’? We don’t want to waste time preparing meals that are not healthy, or spend more time in the gym then we have to.

Here’s what I do. Simple steps that anyone can follow.

They are simple ways that makes life easier healthier.

We call them ‘Health Hacks’.

These are guidelines designed for busy professionals like you and me. For the people who value their time.

And I lay out the 3 sections: diet, exercise, and sleep.


Here’s the 3 steps to fix a broken diet.

Step 1: Identify deficiencies. If we don’t know what we need, we don’t know what to feed ourselves. 

Click here to find out more on how to identify your deficiencies.

Step 2: Adjust your food amount and type based on your body type. How much carbs? Proteins? Fats? That depends on your body type. 

Click Here to download an infographics on food intake based on body type.

Step 3: Fine tune the details. How often should you eat? Should you eat before, during, or after exercise?

Click here to find out more.


How to stay in shape when you’re busy? What kind of physical activity offers long lasting benefits to our bodies?

Our body is made up of various ‘systems’. Skeletal, respiratory, muscular, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive. All these systems work together as a team and keep your body functioning.

When we go on business trips, we often find ourselves tired, stressed, and no time to work out. Here’s some simple exercises you can take with you on-the-go, or do at home.

To download full list of exercises click here


According to the American Sleep Association, they estimated that about 50-70 million American are suffering from sleep disorder.

Sleep disorder could be something minor like snoring. But it could be something more serious, like falling asleep during the day, drowsy driving, insomnia, and sleep apnea.

Adults, no matter who you are, whether you are smart or not, young or old, need 7 to 9 hours of good quality sleep.

I’ve heard people who claim they only need 4 hours of sleep every day. Which explains why their minds are foggy, they get sick more often, and they are often unhappy and cranky.

There are simple ways that you can prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep. Cutting caffeine, follow the sun, clear your mind, exercise, and eat smaller meals can help you sleep better.Here is a list of some things you can do to sleep better. 

 Click here to download the complete list of things you could do to help you get better sleep.

You see? All you need to be healthy is to eat well, exercise moderately, and sleep well. The formula is simple and easy to follow. All you need to do is to resolve to get healthy.

Remember. You cannot pay someone to do your pushups for you and you get the benefits. There are things that you must do yourself.

Take control of your health. Be the force of change for YOU. Click here for some infographics that you can take on-the-go with you to keep you on track.

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Busy is not an excuse. Start building your healthy body now.

Words to ponder: Do you want to be able to take care of yourself, or do you want to be taken care of?

To be independent, you must be healthy.

Until next time, Love what you Live, Live what you Love.


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[The Foolish Couple, (Andrew and Minna), are Jack Canfield certified success coaches and founder of the Foolish Academy, focusing on Healthy lifestyle and Relationships.]

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