Sunday Review - Week 3 - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Jan 22, 2018

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s Foolish Review 2018. We are Health and Relationship coaches and success mentors, serial entrepreneur, writer, and co-founder of the Foolish Academy.

Our resolution this year is to do a constant, weekly review of ourselves, and to share 3 main things with you every week.

1.      Billboard – A ‘wisdom’ that will inspire and motivate you

2.      Lesson – A tidbit we learned that week relating to our HEART framework (Health, Employment, Assets, Relationships, Time)

3.      Memory – A memory of our time together as a couple

We’re onto Week 3. And this week, it’s all about building a new business.

First, here’s this week’s quote. And it’s actually one of our own. The inspiration came from our Success Coaching program, and also from our practice of the Law of Attraction. The quote says:

Our expectation manifests our creation

Meaning: When we dream of having something or making something, the Law of Attraction says that the more realistic you can visualize your creation being real, the more closer you are to turning your dream into a reality.

On the flip side, if you have a dream, but you never believe that it could be a reality, then that dream, will stay a dream. Forever.

The Lesson:

This week’s lesson is about our entrepreneurship and relationship. Those who’re familiar with our history would know that we’ve dabbled into entrepreneurship ever since our early 20’s. With over 25 years of experience each, we are well aware of the risk that we are taking, but we also love to take on a new challenge. Some may call us an adrenaline junkie. But starting a new business, a new endeavor, a new challenge, is truly exhilarating.

Granted, our businesses don’t always work out. In fact, we’ve been through some really challenging times. At one point, we were running 3 separate home-based businesses, in different industries, all at the same time. 2 were newer businesses, 1 we had for many years. A few years ago, as the market shifted, we came across a time when all 3 of our businesses all came crashing down at the same time.  We designed our businesses to be more of a ‘help to the society’ nature rather than ‘money-makers’. However it did not work out as we had anticipated. So we took a huge hit. Financially, emotionally. Stress level was high, satisfaction levels were low.


But even at times like these, we stuck together. There is no guilt, no blaming each other. We were both fully aware of the risks and the decisions that we made together. Blaming and fighting will not change the outcome. So rather than playing the blame game, we started working our way to rebuild and thrive. During our first week we talked about failure. And we learned a very expensive but a very precious lesson. We were diversifying the wrong way and we are over leveraging our time and our resources.


The Memory:

As Kelly Clarkson sang: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Over the last few years, we worked hard to acquire new knowledge, and we took some time to decide where our hearts lie. This year, it is time to put that knowledge into good use. Publish all that we’ve learnt and release that to the public. We want to address an issue that was becoming a pandemic in this world, an issue that is close to our hearts.

We are cooking up something. And we spent our entire week on thinking, positively procrastinating, discussing, learning the trade, and devising our plan of action. One of the lessons that we learned from our past was that, the ultimate goal of a business is not for money, but to build a legacy. Which is why, this time, we’re working on a program that will teach the audience how to get a fighting chance to staying healthy through the years.

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Until next time, Love what you Live, Live what you Love.


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