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Billboards Hearts and Memories 1


Billboards Hearts and Memories is the Foolish Couple's 2018 New Year's Resolution. A wisdom, a learning, and a memory each week.

Welcome to the Foolish Couple’s Foolish Review 2018.

Our resolution this year is to do a constant, weekly review of ourselves, and to share 3 main things with you every week.

1.      Billboard – A ‘wisdom’ that will inspire and motivate you

2.      Lesson – A tidbit we learned that week relating to our HEART framework (Health, Employment, Assets, Relationships, Time)

3.      Memory – A memory of our time together as a couple

To kick start 2018, Here’s Week 1:

1. This week's Billboard quote is from Yoda:

2. HEART lesson - on HEALTH

This week’s lesson came from our Body Transformation program. Developing a new lifestyle habit takes time and patience, but once it become a habit, we will enjoy a lifetime of benefits from good habits. The habit to develop, relating to “HEALTH”, is to “EAT SLOWLY”.


At each meal today, take a few extra minutes to enjoy.

Put your utensils down between each bite and take a breath

Pay attention to the taste and texture of the food

Chew. And chew some more.

That’s it. By eating slowly, you will eat less, bump up your digestive system, and ultimately, enjoy a healthier body.

3. Memory

M: What would you consider your biggest failure in life?

A: Probably our business in Canada. Ultimately, we've lost all our finances, our home, our friends, our career.

M: But then we managed to turn a new leave. We found a new home, rebuilt our assets, made new friends, started new careers and new businesses.

A: The lesson was, there is such a thing as growing too big too fast. Our ego grew too big for our own good. In the end, we've lost control of the business, lost sight of what our customers really want. That's what started the downfall of that business.

M: It's not necessary to be the biggest in the industry, or the most popular. But it is important to maintain control of your business, and focus on our customers instead. Home-based businesses allows us to start new things quickly, without taking too much financial risk.

A: Yes. We're now so connected nowadays that many types of businesses can be maintained absolutely without a dedicated office or store front. And starting your own home-based business is definitely a good side hussle if you want to bring in more income, pursue your hobbies, and do some good for the society.

M: And don't be afraid to fail. Without failure, there is no success.

Happy new year!

Until next time, Love what you Live, Live what you Love.



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