Why you need both Nutrition and Exercise for Optimal Health


Now that we have talked about WHAT Chronic Degenerative diseases are, what can we do about preventing or reversing the symptoms of these diseases?

In this video you will learn:

  • Why most diets fail and why counting calories or points just doesn't work in the long run. 
  • Why it's practically impossible to burn more calories than the calories you eat through exercise alone
  • Why exercise alone does not make you healthy
  • Why doctors don't want you tested for Vitamin D, the answer will surprise you!
  • The body systems that you must take care of to have optimal health.

It is vital to have both proper Nutrition and Exercise to prevent Chronic Degenerative Diseases. Lacking any vitamins or minerals in your body causes unforeseeable problems that manifest as Chronic Degenerative diseases in the future. 

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In our Next episode we will talk about the different body types, and what is the proper diet and exercise for your specific body type.

Bonuses available to Download

1.Download "Calorie Counting Debunked" PDF and learn

  •  The cost of Getting lean
  • The problems with Calorie Counting
  • Our Portion Control Gide to eating

2. Download "3 Steps to prepping and Loving your vegetables" PDF

  • Most of us don't eat enough vegetables because we don't like the way they taste
  • Learn how you can make vegetables more appealing to your palate!

3. Download our MP3 file to share and to listen to anytime on any of your devices


Lesson 2: Why you need both Nutrition and Exercise for Optimal Health

Lesson 3: How to Eat and Exercise according to your Body type

Lesson 4: Foco Body 360