What are Chronic Degenerative Diseases?


In this video you will learn:

  • What are Chronic Degenerative Diseases and how are they different from Infectious and Acute health problems?
  • Why some people get degenerative diseases while others stay healthy all their lives
  • Does genetics determine if you will get Cancer or another degenerative disease
  • What steps to take if you have a degenerative disease

Change starts with you, the actions you do today will determine your life in the future.

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In our next episode,  I’ll show you why counting calories is tedious, time consuming and not the optimal way to get healthy. We will also talk about why exercise alone is not an ideal way to lose weight, in fact, it may actually make you gain weight in the long run.


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Lesson 1: What are Chronic Degenerative Diseases

Lesson 2: Why you need both Nutrition and Exercise for Optimal Health

Lesson 3: How to Eat and Exercise for your Body Type

Lesson 4: Foco Body 360